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Leg Exercises for Splits like Van Damme

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Jean Claude Van Damme’s strong leg muscles is sheer inspiration, after the popularity of  Volvo ad that has become one of the most viral commercials in history; it is evident that he is one of the fittest actors in cinema. He is the rare combination of a person who has the physique of a body-builder and the flexibility and speed of a martial artist. His leg splits and high kicks remain as strong and powerful even now as it was in the 80s and early 90s where he was a go-to man for action movies like Blood Sport, Dream Team and Double Impact.

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Mostly people focus on their upper-body workout and torso, neglecting their legs. There is no point in having a great chest when your legs are weak.   Strong legs are important for stamina and of course for your overall strength; you certainly do not want your legs to give away when you grow older.  Here are some really good legs exercises that you can begin in your quest to getting legs like Van Damme.  The steps given here constitute one rep each.

 The Calf Raise

Stand on a step, supported by the balls of your feet, while you keep the rest hanging off. Now, bend yourself to a little extent, by making your heels go down only a couple of inches below the step. Ensure that you do not bend your knees.  Then push down with the balls of the feet, till you come onto your toes. Give it a second and then come back to the starting position.

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The benefit of this calf raise exercise is that it targets your calf muscle which is located behind the back of your lower leg.  It is a dormant muscle and a regular workout for the calf can make it work wonders.   Ensure two things, that you do not bend your knees and bounce. Do not stretch the starting position because it can cause harm to the Achilles tendon.

The Squat

Stand with your feet that are width apart to your shoulder, keep the back and shoulder square and lower yourself by crooking at the knees. Then push yourself right back by using only your legs, till you reach the starting position. Ensure that you keep the back as straight as possible. This helps in getting you a great posture and strengthening your spine.  Breathe out when your push back and return.

 Van Damme fitness and workout plans for thighs and legs

5 sets of squat
4 sets of front squat
3 sets of hack squat
4 sets of donkey calf raise
4 sets of standing barbell calf raise
4 sets of reverse crunch
1 set of decline oblique crunch
4 sets of flat bench reverse ab crunch
4 sets of seated leg curl
4 sets of standing leg curl
3 sets of straight-leg deadlift

Legs include the largest muscles in the body and keeping them strong and in shape can be quite beneficial to your overall health. You can also get strong legs like Jean Claude Van Damme, if you pay special importance to your leg exercises. Calf raises and squats can work on your strength, increase testosterone and allow your chest and shoulders to shape up faster and in a better manner.

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