Urine smells like Coffee

Urine smells like Coffee

Urine is an end product of kidneys’ filtration process. It relieves body from excess fluid, eliminates waste products, Maintains acid base pH and helps in osmoregulation. The blood is filtered by the kidney and then composition of the rest fluid is altered as per the need. Urinary system consists of kidney, ureter, urinary bladder and urethra. Urine is produced by way of ultra filtration, selective reabsorbtion and tubular secretion. Kidney absorbs wastes from blood, excess water and some salts and sugars. Products left in urine contain excess urea and some toxins.

Colour of urine

Colour of urine varies depending on level of hydration and the diet intake. Normal urine is colourless ranging from transparent to pale yellow. Its colour is due to presence of urobilin. Colourless urine indicates over hydration. For testing any disease, the doctor asks for urine test. Urine not only helps to remove out waste products, but is a reflection of person’s inner health. Changes in eating habit or body disorders changes colour of urine.

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Odor of urine

Odour of urine reflects the diet taken in by the person, or whether he is suffering from any disease. Person suffering from diabetes mellitus, urine smells sweet. It can also be due to kidney stone. Diabetes insipidus only cause frequent urination. Eating asparagus causes strong odour of urine. Intake of saffron. Alcohol, onion, coffee, tuna fish results in different types of scents in urine. These compounds pass outside the body, without being fully broken down.

Smell of coffee in urine

Caffeine is the most worldwide used stimulating substance. It is found in coffee, tea, soft drink, chocolates and some medicines. Caffeine is xanthine and has various effects and mechanism of action on human body. Caffeine increases glomerular filtration rate and blood flow in kidney, mostly in the medullar region of kidney. Renal secretion of sodium increases but glomerular filtration rate remains the same, so there occur very less reabsorbtion of sodium both in proximal and distal convoluted tubule of nephron.

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Drinking coffee in excess, strong coffee or even dehydration may cause smell of coffee in urine. Coffee is a diuretic substance, which causes frequent urination. Coffee, tea, soda etc, contains a compound which is also a stimulant, caffeine. Caffeine is not metabolized by the body and is filtered out by the kidney. Most other drinks, such as orange juice etc are broken down into its smaller parts, into its constituent elements, when passed through the body. So, their smell does not appear in  urine the same way as they were ingested. Sliced chicken or turkey also gives odour to the urine as they are not metabolized when passed through the kidney. Different bodies have different metabolizing rate. It may vary from person to person. Some person can metabolize products easily and some cannot. This can also alter the degree of odour emitted out from urine. Caffeine is not metabolized and secreted out directly in kidney. The product is mixed with water so the odour is smelt freely due to the agitation of water. Colour ,odour and texture of secretions indicates what the body has consumed in the diet and the degree of product which the body uses and the remaining which it expels out from the body. There are some substances, which when ingested changes the smell of urine to a horrid smelling thing, completely different from the smell when they were ingested. Tea coffee etc should not be taken in excess but in a limited quantity.

Drinking too less water is not good. It may lead to dehydration. Tea coffee etc is diuretic substances. After coffee consumption, you will have to urinate more frequently. It may lead to dehydration. After becoming dehydrated, uric acid or any other chemicals (caffeine) or vitamins present in urine, becomes highly concentrated, and so urine smells like coffee. Other drinks tea or soda may produce similar effects. If you don’t replace fluid loss from the body, it leads to dehydration. Dehydration is a very critical condition and must be checked immediately. Drinking lots of water is the ultimate solution to make urine free from coffee odour. According to doctors, drinking 2 litres of water daily is essential for healthy human being. Water frees body from unnecessary toxins and unwanted smells such as of ammonia and coffee in urine. Everyone should be careful about the changes occurring in urine. You should keep a watch in its odour, colour and texture. It may lead from minor to harmful consequences. The reason may be minor water loss which is harmless to certain diseases such as diabetes or urinary tract infection. When you feel such changes in urine, immediately increase water intake. If it does not help, consult the doctor.

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