Sulfur Burps - Cure, Treatment, Causes, Symptoms

Sulfur Burps

When you have excess air in your stomach, it usually comes out as a burp. Usually the burp will have a smell of the food that you ate, but sometimes it will come out smelling like rotten eggs. This is a condition that is known as sulfur burp, and they can be very embarrassing and unpleasant, especially if they happen in the presence of others.

The real reason why the burp smells so badly is hydrogen sulfide (H2S). If you eat foods that have sulfur proteins in them then you may find yourself burping the H2S, which will smell like rotten eggs. The sulfur reducing microbes in the intestine digest the proteins and release the gas.

People of all ages can expel H2S when they burp, and this is especially common in pregnant women. During pregnancy the digestive process slows down, and this may be the reason why it is common. If sulfur burping comes with diarrhea, or vomiting, then you should see a doctor immediately, since these are the first signs of irritable bowel syndrome.

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What are the causes of sulfur burps?

The first cause could be an infection in your gastrointestinal tract (GIT)  caused by the Helicobacter pylori bacteria. This can cause gastric problems, heart-burn, bloating sensation in the upper abdomen and sulfur burps. Another reason is through a parasite called Giardia found in water bodies.   This is a parasite and causes people to have sulfur burps.  The parasite can lead to the development of ulcers, abdominal cramps, diarrhea and vomiting.  Both  Helicobacter pylori and Giardia infect humans through poor hygiene, oral-fecal transmission, and untreated water.

Another cause is improper eating patterns. If you eat heavy protein meals and sugary foods, then these may lead to you having sulfur burps. Since heavy protein meals stay longer in the stomach and intestine, you may find a larger amount of H2S building up in your GIT. Once the gasses reach a certain amount they will leave the body as burps with a rotten egg smell.

Prescription medicines have also been known to cause this condition. If the medicine contains sulfur then there are high chances of emitting H2S in your burps.

Another cause is a condition known as Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO). There is a delicate balance that prevails in the intestine of the flora or bacteria found there. Someone with Celiac or Crohn’s disease may have a larger amount of bacteria which leads to sulfur burps.

Are there foods that cause sulfur burps?

In order to avoid getting sulfur burps, you should not eat certain foods at certain hours of the day. Several foods cause this condition to occur. High protein foods are the largest culprits when it comes to producing sulfur burps. This is because the food will stay in the stomach for longer as the protein is digested. The result is excess H2S coming out of your mouth. Sometimes the burps are so subtle that people may find it hard to identify who is burping if you have to be in a crowd.

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You should avoid foods such as Garlic, Onions, Tomatoes, Broccoli, Whey protein, peas, Sweet potatoes, Asparagus, Cabbage, beans, soy, etc. You should also avoid red meats, canned foods, eggs and dairy products. Avoid cola, coffee and tea. Also avoid cashew nuts, bananas and coconuts.

How do you treat/avoid sulfur burps?

  • You should increase your intake of water since this will help in digesting the proteins.
  • You should avoid foods that have a lot of sugar.
  • You should slow down on alcohol intake.
  • In order to detox your gut, you should take herbal teas.
  • Avoid carbonated drinks which will only serve to increase the burping.
  • You should take high fiber foods which help in digestion.
  • You should stop taking foods that are ready-to-eat or canned.
  • If you take a glass of warm water with honey and lemon every morning, then you remove the chance that you will develop sulfur burps during the day.
  • Half teaspoon of baking soda mixed in a little glass of water can also help tide over the embarrassing problem. Do not take it on a full stomach. Pregnant women, those on sodium-restricted diet and children should check with a doctor before taking the concoction. Do not consume baking soda with antacids.
  • You should talk to your doctor if the condition persists, or comes frequently. Pepto-Bismol works by binding the H2S, thereby eliminating sulfur burps. It is indicated to be given for adults and children above 12 years of age. There is a specific Children’s Pepto Antacid for those below 12.  One may find black stool or black tongue after taking this medication, this is because the active ingredient involved is bismuth, which combines with sulfur in your burps and gastrointestinal track and forms black-colored matter called bismuth sulfide. The ‘black color’ is harmless and transient. It may even last for some days after you stop Pepto-Bismol, and eventually go away.
  • If there is a bacterial overgrowth in your GIT then you should take some antibiotics, after checking with a doctor.
  • If you happen to be taking medication with sulfur, you can ask your doctor for an alternative treatment.
  • Conditions such as Crohn’s disease should be treated or managed.
  • You should also try to remove sulfur proteins from your diet.

All in all, it is a good idea to talk to your doctor whenever you experience sulfur burps. Although the condition may be an innocent occurrence, you should not ignore it if it happens for more than a day, or occurs frequently. If you are developing irritable bowel syndrome, then you should get help immediately. Otherwise try some of the home remedies mentioned above before you visit a doctor.

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  1. elizabeth

    thank you so much, this helped a lot!

    • Sara

      This did not help me I need a fast remody that would work in a few minutes because not everyday I have the time do can you please have a quick homemade re most
      I would appreciate that a lot THANK YOU

      • Devin

        Put a tablespoon into 8 Oz of cold water for almost instant relief

        • Devin

          Tablespoon of baking soda*

        • Lisa

          What do you mean, I don’t understand I tried everything and nothing else has worked yet, the only thing I didn’t try is what you said because I don’t understand what you mean by putting a tablespoon and 8 ounces of water.

          • Lisa

            Oh okay I just finished reading the next part I thought you had some magical remedy LOL I didn’t read underneath and see that you meant baking soda

          • V

            Teaspoon of baking soda in an 8oz glass of water

          • Really Lisa, why dont you re-read what people wrote and you might, if you use that little girly brain of your, might understand what people are trying to say. Ill help you, use a little bit of baking soda put it in a 8 oz glass of water and drink it. In fact, you may want to drink at least 60 oz of water a day, that will help. And stop eating fried, bready food. Good luck, it looks like you will need it

        • Krissy

          Tablespoon of what with the 8oz glass of water? Thanks, I’m suffering at home.

      • Carrie

        They told you pepto bismol helps…and it does. I’ve dealt with these burps for years. Pepto is the only thing that helps when I get them.

      • yes please! i’ve had these for the past 24hiurs, and they will not go away. also sxperiencing diahrea, and nausea, but not vomitting. my stomach feels as if it’s filled with menthol. also really gassy.

        • Gassie

          I’m having this same thing right now

        • Tamara

          My daughter has been suffering from this for three years and we have seen Dr after Dr and Gastroenterologist who believes it to be Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth and wants to give her antibiotics all the time which does help but I don’t believe that is the reason as it keeps happening. I would really appreciate any answers.

          • COREY J. LEETH

            Try lifeway. Activia. Anything with probiotics. I’ve had them for some time. The probiotics seem to even me out.

          • Brokenchimeara

            My wife was diagnosed with celiac several years ago and when she cheats on her diet she suffers from sulphur burps check it to a possible gluten allergy.

          • Sophie

            Have you tried barberry extract?

          • Chip Corbett

            Hello there, I have spent year’s of sickness and misery,money,and complete alienation from my friends and family trying to figure out what this is. If you or someone you love suffers from this, I have an answer for you. Im not saying what it is yet because if I do, everyone is going to think they have it and prejudge the symptoms and so on so forth! It’s human nature. If you want my help please contact me and I’ll ask you some questions about what you or someone you love is or has experienced symptom wise and go from there. I don’t want money,or anything from anyone except to try and stop this hideous thing that is destroying people’s lives! God bless everyone.

          • Shannon

            Have your daughter take a really good probiotic along with Mastic gum and monolaurin daily. You can find these at a natural food or supplement store. Some people also add Manuka honey 1tsp daily. I can’t handle the honey myself because it is to sweet!

          • Briana

            Hey Chip Corbett, how can I contact you? I’d like some help and possibly answers! I hate when this happens to me. Been going on for a while. Please let me know how to reach you so I don’t have to go through this anymore. Thanks.

          • Sheri

            I mix 1 Tbsp. Apple cider vinegar w mother seed w 12 ounces water, honey, Stevie, lemon juice

          • Rachael

            How dumb when the body is making sulfur gases u might check out candid and leaky gut which leads to malasorbing issues

          • Carrie Lee

            I’d say if you’ve seen Dr after Dr and they all come to the same conclusion, then you’re just battling for no reason.
            There are some things that require more than one round of antibiotics. Or more than one kind.
            Let the people with the degree do their work.

          • Carrie Lee

            Check into a condition caused by a neuropathy of the stomach. Basically the nerves that cause you’re food to digest stop working. It’s most common in diabetics, you don’t first the food, it rots and you have these terrible burps, usually accompanied by bloating and a few days of constipation.
            Then you’ll have a gurgling and whoosh you’ll go and go and go and keep going until you’re empty.
            I’ve gone from having on pants that were too right, that fit fine when I was done. The burps go away then.

          • Stacy F

            My daughter suffered from something similiar and now takes culturelle everyday. It has helped tremendously. She is lactose intolerant and now with the culturelle can consume milk and cheese without the side effects.

          • Robin

            Then it could be certain foods sge is eating , for instance i cant eat broc, onions, green peppers. Wagch what sge is eating and when keep track and youll figure it out

          • Jenny

            Hello, I had this experience when I was younger and always had stomach issues and did not know what it was. It was the worst when I burnt but I don’t with it for so many years. Overtime my stomach got so fragile I became very gassy bloated and cannot enjoy any food. Back in 2008 I went to a gastroenterologist and they did a colonoscopy and also put two down my throat to see if I had H. Pylori and sure enough I did. I was giving into biotics for two weeks and I was feeling normal and had no side effects. It happened back in 2013 and I had to do the same process. Because I had this bacteria in my intestines I feel that when I went to Puerto Rico when I was younger I perhaps at a parasite without knowing. Be very cautious on what you eat and try to eliminate from eating out especially red meat and fast food. I’ve been detoxing my stomach and what’s help me is taking probiotics and I drink fresh ginger root along with warm water and a little bit of cayenne pepper. Ginger kills bacteria parasites and much more. I also eat papaya seeds raw which also kills parasites bacteria and etc.

          • Ash

            Try yogurt and ease up on proteins and simple sugars. This is what usually helps me. I get them bad when I eat meat.

          • Bill

            Ive had for years and its IBS. Irritable bowel. Im 47 had when i was 7. Dr after dr has said different things. But avoid sugar. Eat salads and drink water

          • Robert Christerson

            Don’t quote me on this but its a possible only ..I was taking sulfer pills for 3 weeks for a staph infection I let go 90 days before treatment snowed in my driveway too long same time as 500 milligrams 3 times daily cephalexin ( 1500 total daily ) I was eating a lot of oatmeal with mass amounts of sugar as low on food end of month a bacterial does sound correct as noted earlier

          • Krissy

            I’d take her for a second opinion. It took them 9 years so figure out I had crohns disease. Almost died.

          • Kimberly

            Try giving her a probiotic, my son had iy and the gastro doc suggested a probiotic and it has worked like a charm. Should help in less then 12-24hrs.

          • Tamara, please stop giving your daughter antibiotics, for something so very minor. She will build up a defense for them and when and if she ever really needs them, they wont work. If you love your daughter, start researching and have an open mind. Doctors for the most part are just trying to make more money, they dont care. I hope your daughter gets better, good luck

        • Same for me it also makes my stomach hurt

        • tim

          the nasty burps are always a warning i,m getting a bad stomach virus with the diahreah and vomiting….and stays with me til the virus is gone…can come from eating food like chicken that has been left in the refrigirator too long before cooking..

        • Nikki

          Go to the doctor. I had the same symptoms and turns out I had a stomach ulcer. Dont ignore.

        • Jodie

          ANTIBIOTICS!!!!!!!!!!! This has happened to me 3times in 5 years. First time took a year to diognose! It was hell!!!! Extreme abdominal pain, vomiting, the worst surfer burps you could imagine, diarrhea , etc. thousands of $$$$ in pointless tests. It is an infection in the bowels. In my case it is reoccurring because endometriosis has attached to the bowel causing the process to slow down thus causing infection.

          • Jodie

            As soon as I start on antibiotics I don’t get sick anymore at all. It’s gone completely

      • Unknown

        Pepto bismol makes mine go away day 1. Its gross but works on these

      • Nico

        Pepto-bismol and gas relief (Simethicone) is my quick remedy for my egg burps as I have grown accustomed to them every month or so, sucks I know… I’m also only 24

      • Hayley

        No, you need to go to the doctor for proper treatment.

        • Carole Jare RN

          I really need help I have those burps but also have diarrhea and excessive gas daily gone to many Dr’s and they have no clue someone please help I am getting very tired been going on for about 7 months my diarrhea usually is so forceful that sometimes I don’t make it to the bathroom please does anyone have some solid answers I live on immoium

          • Amy A.

            Look into a condition called Congenital Sucrase Isomaltase Deficiency. My son was diagnosed after a biopsy taken during an endoscopy. Basically your small intestine can not break down sugars and starches effectively. It causes digestion to slow leading to these symptoms. It took about two years to figure it out, for some it takes decades because GI doctors don’t often know to look for it.

          • jen

            I too had all these symptoms went to doctors and finally found out I have diverticulitis. If you eat anything with seeds or kernels raw veggies it can become trapped or caught in the lining of your intestine and then become infected I was sick for over a month before I found out I also have no gallbladder and have ibs

          • HOLLY


          • Carrie

            If you drink any alcohol,stop.if you use Tylenol regurely, stop. I have suffered from these symptoms for years.when I was 31 I was diagnosed with stage 4 liver disease. Non-alcoholic or drug related. I drill get this gad when I eat a lot of ptotein. You’re body cannot digest foods properly therefore leading to lots of gas and other issues. Go raw.

          • Jenny

            Hello, I had this experience when I was younger and always had stomach issues and did not know what it was. It was the worst when I burnt but I don’t with it for so many years. Overtime my stomach got so fragile I became very gassy bloated and cannot enjoy any food. Back in 2008 I went to a gastroenterologist and they did a colonoscopy and also put two down my throat to see if I had H. Pylori and sure enough I did. I was giving into biotics for two weeks and I was feeling normal and had no side effects. It happened back in 2013 and I had to do the same process. Because I had this bacteria in my intestines I feel that when I went to Puerto Rico when I was younger I perhaps at a parasite without knowing. Be very cautious on what you eat and try to eliminate from eating out especially red meat and fast food. I’ve been detoxing my stomach and what’s help me is taking probiotics and I drink fresh ginger root along with warm water and a little bit of cayenne pepper. Ginger kills bacteria parasites and much more. I also eat papaya seeds raw which also kills parasites bacteria and etc. Ive googled so much things that fresh ginger tea every morning on an empty stomach has helped me. Coconut oil also kills parasites etc. i suggest u go for a colonscipy and make sure u dont have h pylori. Ive had it twice and thank god i am well. No gassiness,bloating, sulfur burping etc. worst stmptom was always feeling hungry it was horrible and they say its parasites that give u that feeling. Overall, i feel normal again!!! Do everything natural and eat well. Good luck!

          • Alka Seltzer cuts it down from like 4 or 5 days to 2 or 3 if I catch it fast enough, like as soon as I have a sulfur belch. That is the only thing that helps mine that ive found yet. Your Dr. needs to check you for H pylori too. Im also on protonix but that doesn’t even help I think. Nexium cut them down for me but my insurance company wont cover that medication anymore. Good Luck

          • Your an RN, that is scary. You may want to detox your body from everything. Just drink water, it will not kill you. Do a 5 day detox to start. It isnt fun, but it will help, remember just water after a few days introduce Juice, veggy juice, berry juice. Good luck

      • C.

        1. Induce vomiting.
        2. Drink 8oz water.

        I have found that there is food “digesting” in my stomach and has not passed on to my intestine. This clears it quickly and provides liquid to “moisten” whatever is left to allow it to pass on.

        Skip a meal afterward.

      • Kathryn Sadlemire

        Take Pepto Bismol…

      • Ashley

        The only thing that makes it go away fast for me is pepto bismol. I usually take like 3 full caps of it as soon as I start noticing it happening. Otherwise I get so sick. But the pepto bismol makes it go away quick. I then continue to take it once in awhile usually for the rest of the day

      • Brian Martin

        Fastest thing to take is alka seltzer. It works the best. Instant relief!!

      • LaToya

        Take a laxative. This speeds up the process of removing whatever it is thats causing the sulfur burps.

      • Boo

        I get the sulfur burp once in a while or sometimes it’s a lot. I drink baking soda in water and that usually stops the sulfur burp. You can put as much as you want but you can’t put a small amount of baking soda. This is pretty fast to do, it doesn’t take much time. I hope this helps.

      • ashley

        warm water, honey, lemon? I got that off there? and its fast

      • Mark

        Use Ginger,
        Crystallized ginger is sold at the grocery store.
        It eliminates most parasites in your body.

      • Jazmyn

        Eat any type of soup preferably chick noodle & drink Gatorade and kind as long as it’s gatoraid.

      • Laura

        Pepto for a fast quick fix

      • Liz

        Eat yogurt! Nothing has ever helped me until I read somewhere to eat yogurt. If I don’t eat it I end up spending the whole day throwing up. I guess the good bacteria that’s in yogurt bines with the bad bacteria of the burps, & makes them go away

      • Joshua

        Apple Cider Vinegar will help. It tastes like hell but it will burn this stuff away.

        One to three shots a day for about a week WILL work you just need to be patient.

        Alovera juice can soothe your stomach as well but thats optional.

      • AH

        As stated in the article, just change your diet to include herbs and stay away from sugar.

    • lisa

      Aurg egg burps. I get them once to twice. Pepto is the only thing that works and it works almost instantly. Darn I don’t have any ….long night

    • R.E.G.

      Having suffered from the pains, discomfort, and embarrassment of the infamous Sulfur Burps,… I can say with certainty that Pepto-bismuth does the job. The Bismuth quickly binds itself to the sulfur and remedies the situation until your G.I. Tract “reboots”. – I hope this input helps.

  2. Rose

    Eat a plain Mc Vities digestive biscuit!! That temporariley sorted me out until I can find a permament solution within a couple of minutes.

  3. katie

    take alka-seltzer or just use a tsp of baking soda in a large glass of water, should take less than an hour 🙂

  4. Fred

    Ive had sulfur burps for about 4 months and has been making me feel literally brings me down.

  5. Alison Brittain

    Very good information, as I had indeed wondered the same thing about rotten smelling burps a few weeks back. However, you say “The first cause could be an infection in your gastrointestinal tract (GIT). This kind of infection is caused by the Helicobacter pylori bacteria, also known as Giardia.”

    Giardia and H. pylori are two separate entities. One is a bacteria, one is a parasite. Giardia, the protozoan parasite, can cause sulfur smelling burps (the rotten egg burps)- by a means that we don’t really yet understand.

    The most common cause of sulfur burps, according to my medical professors, is what’s called gastroparesis. Gastroparesis occurs when food essentially stalls moving through the digestive system, particularly in the stomach. Here, stomach acids have a longer time to break down proteins into smaller pieces, one such piece being hydrogen sulfide which produces the rotten egg smell.

    Gastroparesis can be caused by a number of things (Giardia NOT being one, yet it still causes sulfur burps??). Among them are the inflammatory bowel diseases (including Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis), H. pylori infections, GERD, narcotics and hypnotics. There has been very little research to support the idea that sulfur-containing drugs cause sulfur burps.

    Hope that helps!

    • Anna

      Awesome. I get these on and off quite frequently. I don’t believe it’s bacterial or parasitic. I am careful of my hygiene as my dad is a transplant and we all make sure not to expose him to any bacteria, etc. however, I do have gastroparesis. I don’t take reglan bc of all the severe possible side effects.. Don’t get me wrong, I take several medications. I just don’t want one that could cause TD sxs. Thanks for the insight

    • Tammi Miller

      Thanks for the info. I have severe gastroparesis. This makes more sense than what they said above. I’ve mentioned this to my Dr’s ( egg burps) and they had zero clue as to what I was talking about lol. Thanks again!

    • Mrs. C

      you are awesome! Thank you so much. I was starting to get very worried.

    • Becca P.

      May I have this professors name? Very interested in speaking to him. I have gastroparesis.

    • Missy

      I’ve been having episodes since childhood although I go months to years without recurrence, but nonetheless, it’s been a struggle my entire life. I’ve been having episodes more than ever this past year, I will begin feeling run down along with burping a rotten egg smell followed by vomiting until there’s nothing, everything down to stomach acids and bile is vomited…the smell of sulfur can be detected on skin and body oils as well. There is no diarrhea or fever, just feeling very sick with nausea and vomiting for about 24 hours, sometimes longer, but usually just 24-48 hours. I went through many tests as a teen looking for a diagnosis, but none were found. As a young adult episodes were not as common and only occurred a few times during my twenties, but over the last 20 years it has increased in frequency and lately becoming more chronic. I welcome any suggestions as far as finding relief or preventative measures

      • Kim

        My girlfriend has suffered all these same problems throughout her life,and it has progressed more over the last year.She has had this atleast 8 times in the last two months . Please if anyone can help she cant keep doing this ,and doctors wont listen they send us on saying its a bug or bad food.june 2017

  6. Tom

    So I got food poisoning and was bed ridden for 2 days. After the weakness wears off I have sulfur burps and some bloating for most of the day. Then the nasty diarrhea hits. I haven’t eaten that much in the past 2-3 days. What should I do?

    • terrie

      Same thing happened to me. I was told my gallbladder needed to come out.a year later still having the same problem almost daily

    • Anonymous

      I’m no doctor but I hope this takes those nasty burps
      How about

      Apples-I hear apples take those upset burps and stomachs

      Toast-toast helps a lot (preferably white bread)

      Bananas-i know a lot of people may not like bananas to much but please 95th it,it seems to work well

      Mint-Peppermint seems to work very well try peppermint tea or just eat a peppermint

      Relax-relax don’t get anxious lay down and test for a little while try a nap also

      Hydration-Drink water and also get some ginger soda shake it up ginger helps a lot

      Don’t get anxious when you get anxious your nerves tell your brain that your not feeling well and your brain signals your body that you want to vomit

      Hope this helps sorry if it doesn’t

      • Kameca B

        But the article clearly states to stay away from bananas.

      • Thatguywasatroll

        Hey I’m pretty sure this was a troll comment, so maybe don’t take this advice…

        • Breanna

          Actually, they were posting about the BRAT diet, which many docs recommend. I don’t think they were trying to intentionally hurt or troll anybody, just help. Their comment about anxiety is spot on, though. Anxiety can exacerbate stomach problems.

      • After a lifetime of antibiotics, I have had numerous Gut Issues including the sulfer burps. I found using a good probiotic along with natural organic digestive enzymes really help. I have an enlarged common bile duct, which I am going for CT scans to further evaluate my situation. After six treatments using Levequin antibiotics I have had severe digestive issues.The best thing to do is speak to a Gastro and stay away from sugar. Hoping all find what’s causing your problems, usually a change in diet helps immensely. Good luck, health to all. Also apple cider vinegar mixed with water, taken daily helps as well. My Grandmother used to use it all of the time. She lived to be 96. Truth is you are what you eat.

      • Missy

        No, offence, but most of us have been dealing with this for years…been to doctors, researched it and possible anecdotes extensively. All these suggestions are common knowledge for most of us and have been implemented or tried along the way…It’s just not your average tummy upset. Even doctors have been no help, sadly.

  7. Thanks for the article I was wondering what caused these. I had never had sulfur burps in my life until a few weeks ago, they are pretty nasty!

  8. Brittany

    As soon as the “sulfur burps” begin take a big dose of Pepto Bismol (max strength is even better) and I promise you it will stop IMMEDIATELY I promise!!

    • Amber

      Thank u very much!!! The pepto actually worked! It helped the nausea and got rid of those nasty sulfer rotten egg burps! Should of tried a long time ago, just assumed I couldn’t hold anything down though. Thanks again!!

      • After a lifetime of antibiotics, I have had numerous Gut Issues including the sulfer burps. I found using a good probiotic along with natural organic digestive enzymes really help. I have an enlarged common bile duct, which I am going for CT scans to further evaluate my situation. After six treatments using Levequin antibiotics I have had severe digestive issues.The best thing to do is speak to a Gastro and stay away from sugar. Hoping all find what’s causing your problems, usually a change in diet helps immensely. Good luck, health to all. Also apple cider vinegar mixed with water, taken daily helps as well. My Grandmother used to use it all of the time. She lived to be 96. Truth is you are what you eat.

        • Kathryn

          I can’t seem to tolerate apple cider vinegar. Alone or in a drink. Any suggestions? I know it helps a lot of people.

          • Kathryn

            I can’t seem to tolerate apple cider vinegar. Alone or in a drink. Any suggestions? I know it helps a lot of people.

    • Tried your tip worked almost as soon as I took it. Thank you

    • Pamela Reid

      Hey thank you so much for your comment, I woke up with these vulgar eggy burps today, had them once before, lasted a day and a half, I was extremely sick with it! Anyways just back from chemist, took a cap of the pepto bismol and it’s gone

    • Mm

      Thank you so much for the advice.
      Life saver I thought I was dying.
      Thank you again pepto sure helps.

  9. Jessi T

    I started today for the first time ever with these gross burps. I did not know what else to describe them as but nasty fart burps as my stepson calls them. Ive tried pretty much everything. Milk, the liquid stuff like tums, bread, Gatorade, flavored coffee. but still having them for almost 18 hours now. It also doesn’t help that Saint Mary came knocking yesterday and I feel blah as it is. Anything else I can try?

  10. Tony

    I have had this crap for atleast 3/4 months straight. Every time I go to the doctor they day stomach virus. I call there bull shit. I can’t stand being sick.

    • These are all side effects of something called “Leaky Gut ” caused by years of eating garbage, we need to watch what we eat, no growth hormones, free range grass fed beef and poultry no antibiotics in them. All natural foods. No sugar at all, it feeds the bad bacteria and takes over our digestive system. Everyone is different, but if you educate yourself now And eat. Right you will be healthy and live longer lives free of sulphur burps and autoimmune diseases. I am not a Doctor or professional, I have just researched extensively for the past few years, trying to get My health back after being poisoned by a popular antibiotic Levequin
      It tore up My body physically, and destroyed my digestive system. Good health to all. All health begins in the Gut… Hypocrites said this two thousand years ago. I believe he was right.

  11. My friend has been getting these “HORRIBLE” BURPS off and on for MONTHS NOW! They are SO GROSS!!! It stinks up the entire house and I know he can’t help it but doesn’t know what to do to stop them! He is in BAD health so we thought maybe “probiotics” would help but no such luck! I will read him (or show him) this website and HOPEFULLY one of the things mentioned will help!!!

  12. Joanne

    I keep getting these eggy burps with diarear . im sick to death! I work in a care home and going to toilet every ten minutes isnt good. Im going to try the plain digestive biscuits trick and pepto bismol… Ive tried mints to make my burps smell… Mintier lol.. Works a little bit but not alot. I had this last week and my manager wouldnt let me go home 🙁 burping all day on a 12 hour shift! Day of hell…. At work in 3 hours.. Managers not in either… He didnt understand when i said sulpher burps! And hes a nurse apparently lol

    • Angel

      Been having this problem off and on for several months. My doctor has me scheduled for a colonoscopy this month to check for Chron’s disease, says it’s either that or IBS. However now my husband has them too??? So I don’t see how that’s possible unless we’re both very unlucky!

  13. Jamie C

    I have had these sulfur burps off and on for the past 4 years. I always get sharp gas pain in my stomach and intestinal area. I have had IBS for the past 18 years and my doctors are giving me anything for it. I have been tested for everything under the sun with regards to gastro problems and nothing is wrong. I have constant bloat which gets worse when I have these sulfur burps. The one thing I wondered was how I could get them if I wasn’t eating anything out of the ordinary. I get so nauseous and it feels like I am constipated but I am not. The Pepto Bismal MAX works the best but the regular pepto bismal also works well, just takes an extra day or so. I’m still trying to figure out where this is coming from. I just wish I knew what ws causing it and why I have had it for about 4 years off and on. They are THE WORST!!!!

    • Missy

      Your situation sounds similar to mine…have you found any solution?

    • Craig F

      I have also had this on and off for many years. I can almost use them as a calendar as they occur about every six months. My “treatment” was always a 24 hour fast and tums to deal with the excruciating heart burn that accompanies them. I too have had tests and multiple rounds of antibiotics. The GI specialist was stuck on the acid reflux diagnosis even though I do not have issues with heart burn any other time. The latest treatment I have been given coincides with most everything on this site. Drink 90 oz of water and take 2-4 Tums everyday. I have not tried this yet but I am somewhat leary. I want a cure, not a lifetime treatment! Until yesterday, my term for this issue was “Nasty Burp Syndrome.” I think I like it better than Sulfur Burps.

  14. John

    Powerade Zero works for me.

  15. Lance

    Dealt with this situation most of my life. As a young boy, I could almost always count on waking up in middle of night every few months with these sulphur burps followed by violent vomiting and diarrhea. Then in my 20s, a doctor suspected “dairy” as the culprit. After stopping milk, ice cream, and limiting cheese, I thought I had it figured out. Years went by….But in my mid 40s, bad things have started happening again…..2 bouts of diverticulitis, a bleeding ulcer, just in past year. Can’t help but think it all kinda ties in together. When I had that first burp last night, dread consumed me cause I knew what I was in for….Resting today, was a long night.

    • T

      Have your doctor check you for the H-pylori bacteria. Since you had an ulcer, this could be the culprit.

    • This is exactly how I am too! Starts off with sulphur burps, then in the middle of the night I’m on the loo with a bowl being violently ill. I try downing gaviscon, it helps sometimes. I’ve had 7 bouts of this nastyness in the last 2 months.

  16. Good health

    People don’t experience a smelly burp that stinks like sulfur or rotten egg. Eating High protein food will not cause Stinky Burps…Everyone do eat meats and Eggs are really good for health.. What nonsense you writing about… people need to eat meat. Of course need to eat fruits to digest it. Even if people cannot digest well, their burp is NOT smelly at all If you have no knowledge, please don’t write rubbish in the web.

    and what embarrassment….Everyone do Burp. and it wont make you smell… If they don’t like, ask them to F back to their cave. We Asians do that very often whenever, wherever and however we like… This is God’s creation. We Asian like to eat garlic onions.. etc If you don’t like the smelll, don’t come to asia. You thought what.. you American high class? Stupid standard..

    • Mary White

      Obviously, you seem too have some kind of issues of your own going on there…it’s called IGNORANCE!!! If you took the time to actually read through what has been posted and also took the time to actually read up on the subject you would find out that what people are posting are facts about the subject. As far as Garlic and Onions go in your post…sorry to burst your bubble but it’s not only Asians that eat them, try the majority of the world. get over yourself.

    • Alex

      If you have nothing to add to this discussion, go outside and play. Or do your homework, just go away.

    • Steve

      I only hope and pray that you start having this happen to you — weekly. Please don’t try any sensible cures, just plenty of onions & garlic. Have fun! And I agree with Alex. Just go away.

    • EM

      You are talking rubbish! But then again, a lot of us on this particular page looking up these symptoms have been, for a different sulphuric reason.
      Garlic and onion might not do anything to your gastric system, since you have decided to take this part as an attack on your geographical situation, but it might affect other people. It seems you might need to have less, for they seem to have given you a case of arrogantlittleshitis, and possibly a bout of racism.
      I would also hold off the raw mooli, if I were you. It makes you smell like copper, you know, just in case the ENTIRE Internet had not detected where you were in the world, since it seems we have all decided to seek you out of Asia, with you being so important and all.
      Thank you however, for the belly laugh, for it seems I managed to exhale a few extra bubbles of sulphur which have been bugging me for the past few hours. Hence my presence on this page.
      Now will you please go play with toys your age, I don’t know, water bombs and a pitchkari, maybe?

    • David

      If you have never experienced this, then you can’t possibly have knowledge of it. The ignorance an arrogance in your comments are disturbing.

    • You have no idea what your talking about I am sitting here with a 6 year old that is experiencing it and let me tell you it’s no fun

    • CC

      Your a special kind of stupid. My 13yo. Son has been sick for 12 hrs worth these symptoms and toss is only 1 episode out of 12 a year at least. We’ve been to the ER for dehydration more times than I can count from him throwing up due to the disgusting taste of his burps and the diarrhea. You are uneducated and need to shut up about something you know nothing about. It’s Real. Real people have it. My son also has achalashia. I’m curious to know if anyone else here does because every time I take him to drs for this they assure me it’s that flaring up. I disagree but I’m no doctor.

    • This is not made up stuff these burps are horrible tasting and smelling definitely not caused from garlic. The smell is what makes them so embarrassing. U obviously never suffered from

    • amanda

      You apparently thinks you know more than you do. People do have burps that stink, and some people have a little thing called manners.Hope you get them, and you are probably the only person on earth I’d wish them on.

    • I wish I could be near you when I have one of these attacks. I would burn and blow it right in your face..then tell me people don’t experience sulfur or smelly you think that thousands of people are making this up!?? It is a miserable condition and embarrassing.Americans or whoever,eat onions and garlic also. So if you don’t believe this.why you looking on this web site?

  17. Eric

    I had these this morning. They usually come with too much intake of pepperoni or something too spicy. My entire family has had a 12-24 hr stomach bug. I didn’t have any vomiting or diarrhea but I got these nasty sulfur burps. It had been awhile. I tried something new, soon as I realized I had them I jumped out of bed and took a cocktail of Tums, Pepto tablets and Emertrol which is for nausea and upset stomachs. The combination of the chalky tablets and coating of the emertrol kicked it in bout 30 mins. Timing is key, first onset you have to act.

  18. I have just started getting sulfur burps and farts, with bloating. I was sent home with a stool collection kit for diarrhea, but it stopped. Sulfur burps and farts though haven’t stopped yet. Was taking care of puppy with protozoa, and parasites though and started new meds. Hope to figure what issue is.

  19. Kaitlyne

    I really hope this will work cause the only way I could get rid of it was to vomit twice and I hate it if had this since I was 5 or so and its horrible my mom has GERD so I’m really glad I found this

  20. Jessica

    Fantastic answer! Ty!

  21. Sherry

    The backing soda worked, Just make sure you stay near a bathroom.

  22. Serena

    Me and both my sisters have experienced these most of our lives. I remember sitting in church and my sister would tap me on the shoulder and I’d turn around and she’d let a stinky burp in my face. Of course I couldn’t do anything about it seeing as we were supposed to be quiet. I’m in my 40’s now and I seem to be getting these more and more often. I’m on Prednisone, and it seems to aggravate it. I agree on the Pepto Bismol, it’s the only thing that works. They’re quite embarrassing.

    • Does any one know why you can not take pepto bismol if you take aspirin.thank you. Karen A.

      • Jennifer RN

        I wouldn’t recommend at same time because pepto will bind with aspirin and make it in effective but taking pepto 2 hours before or 2 hours after would be fine. Jenn RN

        • Jennifer RN

          Actually I was wrong I forgot that pepto has an aspirin base so you shouldn’t take this product if you are taking aspirin at all. Liquid Rolaids, gaviscon or even the children’s pepto (contains no aspirin) would be okay for you.

      • Casey

        Because the stuff in pepto once taken turns into a form of aspirin. I only know bc I am pregnant and can’t take it for that reason. Sucks. I’ve suffered with this issue since I was a small child about 3-7 times a year. Usually bc of food not digesting right and sitting in the stomach. Used to Alka seltzer helped but as an adult it really hasn’t done much. Throwing up is the quickest way to rid of it but the taste is in the vomit also so if I can avoid it I will at all costs. I know doxylamine is better than even prescription phinergan for nausea but the diarrhea nothing but time seems to help. I’m not supposed to take Alka seltzer right now either bc the n said and aspirin in it. This is probably the worst way to be sick at the stomach simply bc the taste and smell when you do eventually throw up if you can’t get it to pass is so NASTY. I didn’t realize other s suffered from this. I do have GERD so maybe it has something to do with it. Mom had ibs so I’m hoping I don’t have it also. Good luck.

    • C hart

      I had them a lot as a kid. My granddaughter has them now. Does Mylanta work as well as pepto?

      Oh, Serena, I know they’re awful, but your post made me laugh so hard I cried! Thanks.

  23. David

    I have also had this condition. Mine is always followed by vomiting and diarrhea. I must be honest here. It seems to follow after smoking pot, and pigging out late at night. I think laying down right after eating doesn’t allow it to digest, so it rots and makes me sick. As soon as the first burp,I know I’m going to be sick

    • Chris

      OMG! This is exactly what I’ve been thinking. If I do not eat anything for like 4 hours before laying down, I am fine, but if I smoke and get the munchies it happens almost every time. Glad you pointed it out, I even had the theory of the food rotting in my gut, haha even if I eat fruit when I burp it taste fermented like wine or cider…

    • jaret

      I get the same exact thing

  24. Anthony MazzOne

    This did not help I need something at home I can use to make this go away. I have gone through this and I’ve also puked many times and it’s the worst. Burps smell like rotten eggs and poo, so terrible..

  25. Ramiro

    Will probiotics help?

  26. Kathy Jess

    I have very good hygiene, but have poor eating habits this is only the second time I’ve ever gotten this,reading everyone’s comments was helpful so thank you too everyone who shared.I guess my only question would be since I’ve waited almost 24hrs to take action other than tums.would peto be too late too try? And how long does this nasty rotten egg burp take to go away?

  27. Anonymous guy

    Been dealing with this problem the past 5 years of my life. It seems to only happen during a certain part of the year and doesn’t last long, but it always happens and is very annoying to deal with.

    I always thought it may be a medication slowing my digestion, and the food I’m eating just rots and gives off the gas which ends with me at the toilet with diarrhea and vomiting. I’ve seen doctors a few times for it and they can never figure it out, frustrating.

    One thing that seems to stop it is alka seltzer. Usually takes the gas away, but the diarrhea usually happens no matter what.

    The crazy part is, it only seems to happen when I’m eating healthier foods.

  28. Sheena

    I have been getting them for a few years! And just had my gallbladder taken out in December, had an episode 2 months ago, and tonight had another on they make me feel bloated! I hate them and wish they would stop! Going to my dr tomorrow cause this time I have been sick with dirreah for 6 days and now the burps!! Eeek kinda freaking out over here

    • Jennifer RN

      I had the problem very severely after my gallbladder was taken out. Now I drink kefir (probiotic yogurt) and I only have this problem when I forget to drink it like today!

  29. Linda Turner

    i tried pepto max after suffering for a week. after the first dose ,thuse nasty burps went away

  30. Krystle

    I had my gull bladder removed and I still get them.. the doctor told me I would not get them so often but that is not true.. I cant use Pepto-Bismol because it is Aspirin base.. so what I use is liquid Rolaids ultra strength. That is for people who have allergies to Aspirin.

  31. Wintet

    How much pepto bismol should you drink?

  32. Lisa

    Rantadine really helps me 300 mg sid

  33. Triston Cliburn

    Ok, this article helped me out. Thank you! I ate 2 pieces of steak and a lot if cabbage last night. I usually don’t eat very much at night time, But I couldn’t resist. It was so good! Now I’m paying for it… I use to have these burps And the doctors said I needed my gallbladder removed. Had it removed in February and now this again! Sucks. Now I know not to eat a lot of protein Or cabbage in the evening.

  34. melinda

    I have a question last night I felt very bloated and my stomach was so upset then finally I threw up I know it’s alot of info but I filled the whole trash can and I’ve been burping up rotten eggs/poo and my throw up smelt exactly like rotten eggs I do not use the bathroom regularly but I have great heigiene but I do have a puppy I’ve been cleaning up after daily does anyone know whay that could be bc I’m pretty sure I have IBS bc of the way I go but I don’t know if I may e got a parasite from the puppy but I haven’t thrown up since early this morning but still burping it up its so gross and I need help I know the doctors are just gonna tell me I don’t eat right please help should I go to the dr anyway or what???

  35. Bandy

    Dear Fellow sulphur burp sufferers,I am at the moment also suffering(again) I am 55 and have suffered for years on and off with this condition. Having seen my GP he prescribed Lansoprazole 30 mg one tablet twice a day and this seems to help calm things down.these tablets are to help control stomach acid production. Best of luck to everybody,Would appreciate any feed back. (Good or bad) , take care : Bandy Yorkshire

  36. Heather

    I have been experiencing these Gosh awful sulfur bombs (burps), as my mom’s (ages 16 and 14) call them, for almost a week now. I have tries Tums 1000, Reglan, and am getting Pepto tomorrow. I can’t take it anymore, between the burps from hell, and the burning acid-a**… I seriously just can’t take it! I might even try the baking soda remedy tonight for some semblance of relief. Thanks guys for your tips, therapy, and belly laughs at useless people with and no direction.

  37. I’m 19yr old female, and lactose intolerant, I take lactase enzyme pills which means I can happily eat dairy. But every so often (when the pills don’t work I’m guessing) I get sulphur burps, followed by intense stomach cramps, nausea, and diarrhoea for up to 24hrs. I can’t leave my house and the stomach cramps are just so painful!

    The docs think I became lactose intolerant after I had a bug/virus at Christmas time 2 years ago. Before that bug I was completely fine and was able to eat/drink as much dairy as I want!

  38. Rickymo

    I went to a doctor for one problem, while at his office I caught a bug that gave me these nasty sulfur burps the next day. It really freaked me out. I had never even heard of such a thing. I got on here and found where someone said, drink water. I did. I drank enough to push every bit of gas out of my stomach, drank a little more until it almost hurt then went to bed. I had to get up about 4 times during the night to urinate but, in the morning I felt great and no more nasty burps

  39. Ellie

    I’ve been getting this on and off for past 4 years. They have just come on today 🙁 just know I’m in for it feel awful in going to try Pepsi bimbsol in a bit.
    Have no idea what causes this just want it to go away 🙁 ruins my life

  40. Tonya Edwards

    Oh my goodness. I feel so much better since reading all of your comments. I was diagnosed with gastropernesis(sp?) almost a year ago. My burps are terrible all the time. I hate it. I will try the Pepto. I’m sorry we all have to deal with this.

  41. Scott Bridges

    If your body is healthy in appropriate measures, none of the food items listed as bad should cause any issue. Insist your doctor fix what is broken or refer you to an expert. Something is causing the issue. It’s not as random as we are led to believe.

    • God's creation

      THank you!!.. you are one of the person who give sound advices here.. the food listed here will not cause this problem if you are healthy!!

    • a pruitt

      not everyone can be fixed by insisting on it. some of us have health concerns that can be controlled to some degree but nvr fixed, even when we insist. i myself have chronic pancreatitis. no i do not smoke or drink or do illegal drugs. i have a decent meal plan when I can eat but nausea and pain keep me from it on a regular basis. my pancreas dies a bit each time i have a flare up, which since I was diagnosed are idiopathic which means no idea why pretty much.
      if i could’ve just insisted i be fixed then i guess it’s be all better and never have to spend weeks in the hospital sometimes in an induced coma because of the pain when i flare up.
      my point here is, please don’t tell people who have real health problems if you’re healthy you should be able to eat anything so make your dr fix you(not a direct quote sry).
      I have them also & charcoal capsules always help me quite quickly. they soak up the excess has from your stomach.
      hope that helps someone.

  42. Deanna

    I’ve been suffering from these awful sulfur burps off and on for years. Usually brought on by my eating too much Pizza/ sauce or too late in the day. Pesto doesn’t work. Baking soda doesn’t work. Only cure for me is Charco-tabs. 2 capsules every 2 hours until gone.

  43. Kamela Shay Spivey

    I’ve had this condition for my whole life – as long as I can remember- on & off. It is horrible and I’m experiencing it now. I’m going straight to the store for Pepto which I just happen to be out of. First thing today, after Googling the burps, I ordered some capsules for a parasitic cleanse. For some reason, it just seems like this may be the culprit although I am a clean person. I do have a cat and thought there is always the chance… I will post further once I take the pills that should arrive in 2 days. Wish me luck, as I do to all you fellow sufferers. Keep up with the comments because every situation deserves a mention!!

  44. Carrie R

    Kaopectate works wonders! My son was getting sick with these nasty sulfur burps and diarrhea almost weekly for the past 8 months. I believe we narrowed it down to too much sugar intake the day before. He stopped taking his antiacids that the doctor had him taking twice daily 75mg each. (That was not helping) And he slowed his sugar intake. But if he happens to get these nasty burps and diarrhea, he takes one dose of Kaopectate and the sulfur burps are gone immediately and the diarrhea subsides after a couple hours. YAY KAOPECTATE!

  45. So, I tried the baking soda thing and after a few minutes of really large burps and an additional few more ounces of water, things settled down .

    Thank you for having this information my stomach feel much better and i no longer have rancid burps 🙂

  46. Kristina

    Hi, I have been having the nasty rotten egg burps and gas for a year or so, on and off. It just comes on like nothing, and is very upsetting, as my kids swear something has died in the house. It’s very sickening, & if you or anyone else hasn’t went thru this, ya shouldn’t poke jokes, one day it may happen to you, just for spite. I have noticed drinking lots more water helps me,it’s almost as just has to run its course, but in the meantime, it’s just a nuisance with the random burping & tooting. I’ve always wondered if this has anything to do with the liver? Does anyone know? Cuz like the above says high protein foods,but of course it never States what kinda foods,which would be helpful. Thanks. Kristina~

  47. Sandy

    i get these usually only when i eat too much. i figured it’s my fault for being such a

  48. Maude

    Somebody needs to figure it out,I hate this crap,I’ve had my gallbladder taking out to and I still have this problem….it’s just awful and so embrassing..#fartbox is flippedover

  49. Chip Corbett

    Okay people here it goes… I had all this for year’s, I am now on dialysis for kidney failure and thought it was because of diabetes. Well come to find out I have Lyme disease with co-infections. My real diagnosis is Morgellons but the CDC says it’s not real. Let me tell you that it’s very real and very very very scary. I’ve done everything I was told by the lady who runs the Holeman foundation in Austin TX. Stop eating anything that is GMO,no processed food, no soda, boxed or canned food. You can eat a little red meat if the cow was fed grass only! No dairy or soy and lots of raw cauliflower and broccoli. Look up the diet for Lyme disease and Morgellons and follow it. You must detox your body first and become alkaline vs acidic. Bottled water that most of us buy are not good for you. It is acidic and you have to do alot to raise the alkaline in your body. Baking soda is wonderful to use, I’m getting better and no more burps or vomiting for the last month or so! I’m pushing out the parasites and regulating my stomach. Don’t forget the probiotics either! Hope this helps all of you…God bless!

  50. Zeleiah

    I woke up this morning feeling really bloated, after I had something to drink I started burping sulphur. My stomach also just feels generally yucky. I looked this up to try and figure out why, I ate a bunch of food last night with soy and gluten and whey protein, so that’s probably why. Unfortunately I don’t have anything in my apartment to treat it 🙁
    Guess I’ll have to ride it out! At least I live alone, so I won’t be embarrassed or torture someone else!

    • Al

      You should always share your illness and torture someone else, i do there nothing like going to the supermarket and burping and people thinking you’ve shit yourself, they share the flu with you.. revel in your stinkyness… i know i do

  51. Asley

    yes,, drink lots of water..

  52. Daniel Haverhill

    I used to get these ALL of the time! At least once a week. Then I was introduced to the MIRACLE cure.


    Kefir, Kombucha, Jun, yogurts WITHOUT sugar, sauerkraut, buttermilk.
    Kefir or some plain Greek yogurt will help as quick as the baking soda and water do EXCEPT that kefir and yogurt, as do all probiotics, help give balance to the bacteria in your digestive system.
    Herbal, green teas, water rather than soda pop.

    The medical practitioners want you coming back again and again unless you have one who still has ethics.
    Limit sugars, salts, fast food. Increase fiber.

    Try this for three months and you will be rid of the burps, farts, diarrhea, and a few pounds. I lost 10! AND I had more energy during the day and night “energy” was Great, too!

    Oh …. and share this method with those you love

  53. This sucks

    I really need a quick remedy, my 1ith bday is only hours away and i cant be feeling like this

  54. Becca P.

    I have gastroparesis. I have recently started getting sulphur burps & diarrhea over the past few months. My case was considered mild in 2013 but now I’m scared bc I’ve never been like this…..I get botox injections for my gp. I couldn’t take the Medications due to allergies or it didn’t work. I have had the burps about 5 times since March. I know there’s no cure for gastroparesis but what can I do? Pepto literally makes me vomit. Can’t take domperidone bc my heart irregularity & reglan made me feel like I was in space. Horrible disorientation.

  55. Luanne Riedl

    Chip Corbett, how do we reach you? There’s no reply button to click on.

  56. I have had these nasty things ever since elementary school…on and off for years..Many years went by and now they are back..sometimes for a day..then next week..then maybe a year later. I am fifty years old..I just usually deal with them and hope they go away..I notice when I burp…it lasts for a long time too….I call them Purple Burps…lol….Grooss…when I am around people they say…ewww I smell poop….lol….Little do they know its me…lol….Gross…This information on this page was very educational..Who would think so many people get these nasty burps…Feel better everyone!!!!!

  57. Jjjjjjj

    DO NOT EAT MCDONALDS. Or gas station foods, fried foods (too often) or greasy foods or Fatty foods.

    Mcdonalds food is not nutritious in any way. It is fake factory produced food and cannot be digested properly. The body gives you sulfur burps and bloated tummy when it cannot digest your food properly. Science is great but mostly dr.s tell you a bunch of random things to scare you into taking medicine you dont need. The first step to never having these problems again is to NOT EAT FAKE FOOD. This article says dont eat high sugar foods and drinks. This is the only type of product that macdonalds and other fast food places offer. Stop eating “out”. Cook your own food. Purchase a large freezer and buy home-grown beef and other meats. Grow your own veggies or make sure they come from actual people who pull them from the ground. Nothing canned from the store. If you want canned things buy them from actual people who know how to can food. Maybe try canning yourself. No preservitives. Stock up on baking soda. It is the most natural way to help tummy upsets and is useful for many many many many other daily things. Do not drink any pop, ever again. Pop causes cancer and ulcers and excess weight gain. Pop is especially bad for women, particularily women over the age of 25. Not even diet soda pop. Do not eat candy (my hardest thing to accomplish) some chocolate is ok but be kind to yourself and dont eat entire boxes. Do not drink milk. Milk is for cooking, not drinking. Drink so much water you feel as though you couldnt drink anymore, and then drink more. Not all at once, not all in one day, but drink water consistantly. Get a filter device for your tap water. Do not drink water from plastic containers. Drink water from glass, clay, stone or copper containers. Use sea salt, not table salt. Exercise daily. Not too much, not all at once, integrate it into your life. Walking for at least an hour a day helps digestion. I mean a walk where you can focus on what you like to think about (not the walking that happens while working, going from one place to another, running errands ect). Lifting is good as well, but that walk means more to your body than running or lifting or anything else. The most important thing to live a healthy life and to digest your food properly (and must be done along with all these other things) is to THINK BREATHE AND FEEL POSITIVITY. If your mind and body are not on the same page, they never will be. You have to visualize and believe that you will be a healthy person. This is very important. If you do not do this, digestion problems will always plague you. Lastly, unless in the case of an infection where medical treatment is required to resolve an issue, taking pharmaceutical medications is dangerous and not good for your health. For pain take aspirin or ibueprophen. For cramps drink pickle juice or consume things high in sodium and potassium. Ginger or cannabis is good for nausea. Be smart and use your brain. Be faithful to your good health. BE HAPPY EVERY DAY even if youre not seeing results, stick with it and you will.

  58. Criminal Justice

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I get these nasty burps quite often and it is usually after I have eaten too fast or more than I should, especially if I ate a lot of meat or fatty foods. If I were to eat smaller amounts and take my time chewing my food better I feel sure this would not happen as often and I may even lose some weight in the process. When it does happen though I take a few pinches of straight Baking Soda and stop eating for a while like maybe a day or so. I’m afraid it is time for another fast now as I am blown up like a beach ball right now. Hopefully no-one will come around me for the next 24 hours. 🙁

  59. Meridian

    My egg burps started while I was on a heavy dose of Ceftin…and haven’t completely left yet because, in large part, not too long after the Ceftin ended, I was put on Trulicity…which can cause, you guessed it, gastroparesis. Now, perhaps not so oddly, while I was recently on Amoxil, the lovely burps totally disappeared…until about 4 days after that last horsepill. I’m theorizing that the Amoxil not only helped keep intestinal bacteria in check but also helped increased “digestive motility”.

    So, yeah, the egg burps are back in all their nasty, fetid glory. I’m going to try eating small meals spaced farther apart, increased liquids, adding even more yogurts and other probiotics, baking soda, simethicone, caprylic acid softgels, Pepto, prayer, ritual imaginary plant sacrifices to benevolent spirits, timed breathing techniques, fingerpainting, and adult coloring books just for added oomph.

    This crap is for the theoretical birds.

  60. Mandy

    Look out for trigger foods and stay away from them.
    For me ad my children:
    Frozen pizza
    Protien..make sure ya eat veggies with them.
    Homemade noodles

    It’s a bummer. 🙁

  61. Shawn

    What I find that helps with many stomach problems, like these ones is to fast. Only water for a week, longer if u can. Fasting does wonders for the body it can heal u from the inside out.

  62. My 11 month old has these sulfur burps what can I do for her?

  63. i’m deathly allergic to bismuth, so i can’t take pepto bismol…is there any alternative to it that doesn’t have bismuth in it??

  64. Christine S

    H2S is a deadly gas common in the oilfield. It is not something that you burp up, if it was everyone around you, including yourself, would be dead.

    • The Doctor

      H2S can be produced organically by nitrate-consuming anaerobic bacteria which can exist in almost any environment with low oxygen levels.

      Oil & gas pipelines fit that description, but H2S can also be produced in saltwater aquariums with deep sand beds (4″/10cm or more), noticeable as dark black streaks when viewed from the side through the glass.

      Some other locations that are nice and warm, damp, and have low oxygen levels, as I’m sure you’ve already guessed, are your stomach and intestines. A lot of people with gastroparesis have been recommending to induce vomiting. I agree, and if you vomit up undigested food, I’d say double down and keep puking until you are empty.

      H2S is gross and yucky l, but if undigested food sits in your stomach for too long, it WILL begin to rot, which will start producing more ammonia than all your beneficial gut bacteria would ever be able to The which will end you much faster than H2S ever could.

  65. Nik

    Can u drink milk to cure sulfur burps

  66. Deona

    I have had these off and on most of my adult life. The gas buildup is so bad that I sleep sitting up. I vomit, get diarrhea, gas. Prilosec helps. Pepto bismol does not. Sometimes when I vomit, it’s like sludge and won’t come up, so I have to drink water to liquidize the sludge to get it to come up. It doesn’t matter what I eat, although I do know some foods that trigger this, chicken is a big culprit, there have been foods that do not normally cause this and then all of a sudden they do.
    I get a burning sensation low in my guts, not like normal heartburn, when this occurs. Doctors have not been helpful.

  67. THANK YOU EVERYONE! I have had these before. Last night it came on, I was so upset. I read this.
    Bicarbonate of soda worked!!! I’m so thankful. Good luck everyone I wish us all the best.

  68. Bethany

    My doctor prescribed reflux medicine “omerprazole” which I took for several years and eliminated my egg burps. I also would get severe stomach cramping and diarrhea with the egg burps.

    Before I was prescribed Omerprazole I tried these other methods and they would work too. I did not try them all at the same time obviously. What worked the best was puking and taking pepto or alka seltzer

    1. I stopped eating anything acidic late at night so no pizza, spaghetti, etc

    2. I would make myself puke

    3. Alka Seltzer

    4. Drink Pickle Juice

    5. Drink Apple Cider Vinegar

    6. Pepto Bismuth

  69. margie

    i started having sulfur burps on monday. i vomited, and after that i started with the burps. i am trying to get rid of them. i just don’t know how. how ever i do have a poor diet, of only eating when i am hungry and that is a small portion anywhere from 1/4 to a 1/3 of a cup of food once a day. been trying to loose weight. now this burping is just geting me nausea anf need to find a way to get past it

  70. Debra Sue Young

    …. Almost 2 years ago I was diagnosed with delayed stomach emptying..went through 2 Nuclear Medicine studies… 1st left just over 60% remaining in my stomach after 5 hours… the 2nd left an ASTOUNDING 74.3% of stomach contents remaining after 5 hours… I have had issues with GERD since I was 16 to 17 YO.. Have taken the whole shebang of stomach meds. from drs. for years now..started with Tagament and worked my way up the digestive ‘Rungs of the Ladder’ … just had my 2nd Endoscopy 2 weeks ago, Dr. used the Z-Line Technique this time… I have never had H-Pylori or any ‘Bleeding Ulcers’… I have never had those rotten-egg burps until last week when the Paratransit came to pick me up for my Physical Therapy, and I couldn’t stop burping…Sooo Embarrassing!! and as I am typing this to whomever, I am experiencing the same burps that I did last week…No nausea with it, just occasional bursts of hershey squirts, but no real nausea or vomiting…I am on a steady diet of Nexium or Prilosec 20mg 2xday for the GERD and also use Ranitidine 150mg-300mg a day simply for break-through Heartburn… Since I have this ‘DELAYED GASTRIC EMPTYING’issue, could it be that stuff is just sitting in my lower Gastric/stomach.. these burps happened for the first time on Wednesday of last week, and has only returned’Literally’like 1&1/2 hours ago… I’m tired of taking sooo much stomach medicine, my Kidneys are starting to hurt A LOT!! I have requested to see a kidney Dr. to aquire an AIN test(Biopsy of Kidneys) because it seems that my body is slowly starting to go down-hill because of the meds. Could anyone give me REAL MEDICAL ADVICE on this issue i’m having..can’t do the Pepto.. and when I try a Pro-Biotic to try and heal my gut-flora, I break out in large patches of CANDIDA, which became quite uncomfortable and hard to manage(I have a 6YO Grandaughter in the house…) I would love to hear some feed-back other than baking soda/water, Apple-Cider Vinegar, and all the like that i’ve seen on previous comments…. If there is someone out there that has similar stomach symptoms, I would appreciate the feedback… And please respond to my f-book and not my g-mail as I don’t check my g-mail very often, sometimes for nearly a month!! … Thank You in advance and 💕☮&✨To All😊… DSY..

    • Indy Colts

      Hi, Debra! Just stumbled upon your story. I gave my 2¢ worth a few moments ago, so if you’d like to read it. I too, have had the stomach emptying test and mine empties slow, but I don’t think these burps are caused by that. I believe mine are related to foods I’ve eaten. Since I’ve cut out all the foods high in fructose, sweeteners ending in -ol, certain fruits/veggies (including grarlic/onion), dairy, gluten, etc., my issues have stopped. I get the occasional bloat, but nothing I’m concerned about. I took a probiotic for a while, but once I learned it had lactose, I had to stop taking it. Some of medications had to be changed due to ingredients. The Low Fodmaps diet has really changed my life. Not sure it will work for you, or anyone else, but it may be something to speak to your physician about.
      Hope this helps 🙂

  71. brian

    hay ever one out there my egg smelling burps came win i had bad teeth thats a infection well i had my teeth all pulled out so my egg type burps went away but 2 weeks or so later thay came back i was like what the hell is going on here so i googled it well it showed up a lot of things so ever body just about on google said try the pink stuff like pepto bismol so my wife went to a place here in town like a doller store call doller tree its the off brand kind the name brand is better but get what ever u can aford to get well after the 1st time i used this stuff thay went away becase i dont went to like a lot of people out there get testing done and nothing shows up then your screwd then so do like me but let doctor know about your problim and tell why your taking pepto bismol for and if i does come back then get tested and check that all i can tell any one out there im not lieing to u or any one eles i just tell it like it is and my wife dont like the smell or my cats dont like it as well good luck with this thank you.

  72. Macaco

    Honestly I am relieved that so many people are plagued with these. I felt all alone u til I started scouting the message boards. I have noticed that I only get them when I eat fried eggs, with runny yolks. I need to just cut them out of my diet, but it doesn’t happen all the time when I eat them. So it’s a gamble. Here I am in the restroom at 1:30 in the morning, trying to get rid of the excess gas and diarrhea in my system.

  73. Indy Colts

    I’d been battling these nasty burps for years. After having a colonoscopy, two endoscopies and a Bravo pH capsule placement test, the diagnosis I have is IBS and have been told to follow the Low Fodmaps diet. I would get the sulfur burps, diarrhea and vomiting every few months, thinking, “I can’t handle living like this for the rest of my life…something has to be done.” By following the Low Fodmaps diet, and following it religiously, the sulfur has stopped. I would encourage any of you to first, check with your physician, but to also try the diet. It took a while to adapt, but it’s been worth it. No food on this planet is worth feeling this ill over. The Low Fodmaps diet can be a bit intimidating, but it’s been worth it for me. I have been sulfur-free for almost two years now. Hope this helps someone.

  74. Lori

    My doctor will not listen to me,or believe me,and wants to ”try” me on everything.
    I get these,and have since childhood,and I also have anxiety.I am a violent puker.I lose all control when I do puke,and I NEVER feel better after.It usually takes me two to three days to get back to normal.
    I can’t take anything with aspirin in it.
    I am so tired of people telling me it’s all in my head.
    So far Gas X pills (simethicone) are the only things that help me,and I have to wait out the pain.It ruins the whole day for me.
    The smell causes me to freak out.
    I wish this was something doctors took seriously enough to figure out why,and how to treat/cure it.

  75. RandiMck

    I think I’ve Been getting this of and on for a couple years now. I get the burps or farts first. Then comes intense stomach pains that literally have me laying on the bathroom floor. After that I get cold then hot and.clammy. once I either throw up or diarrhea IRS usually over til next time. I’m pregnant and when I told my Dr she gavee me protonix. Not sure if it works yet but do these symptoms sound like what you guys are talking about. Its so painful I want it gone

  76. skb8721

    I had the same problem (not just sulfur burps, but vomiting and diarrhea) and my doctor suggested it could be acid reflux. I was extremely skeptical, as I found on the Net that all my symptoms corresponded to gastroparesis. He put me on a prescription acid reflux pill and the problem went away for three months. I had one more episode, but only after I quit using the pills because I grew complacent. Now I am back on the pills, and, frankly, don’t care if I take them for the rest of my life, as long as I don’t have to go through one of those episodes again. So, ask you doctor if your problem might not be acid reflux.

  77. Beau Albertine

    This didn’t help at all. Starvation, dehydration, and puking are the only things that have made them go away for me. Smoking helped prevent them. When I was a smoker I didn’t get them once and now that I stopped smoking their back. It tastes so bad I can’t stand it.

  78. Diana

    I have had a bout of this 2x this week which boils down to 4 days with 2 days relief. Started after eating a hamburger. Didn’t have Pepto Bismol in house the 1st night, so baking soda, throwing up, diarrhea, plain greek yogurt, water. I was up ALL night. Next day got pepto, club soda, more yogurt, apple. I was so weak but Progresso chicken noodle (any kind) soup stayed down. I got this back in Dec 2016 and couldn’t keep anything down but that soup for over a week. Didn’t know about pepto then. Mine seems to be triggered with meat. Pepto works by binding the H2S. 2nd bout after eating spaghetti with meat sauce late in the evening – overate – it tasted so good but came back to haunt me. YUCK. Settle down now but trying to read everything about improving my digestion & gut. The slow digestion of food from the stomach sounds very possible, so I will try smaller portions. The parasite and bacterial stuff I will have checked out if I am unable to keep this in check as I was living for 6 months out of the country. It was rough. Thanks for all the suggestions. I made a list.

  79. Kat

    I’m underweight because of medicine reasons and dr told me to eat a lot more protein based foods to help me gain everything back. So this helped me a lot learning that its most likely from my “diet”.

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