Pimple on Lip - Treatment, Causes

Pimple on Lip

Pimple on lip can at times be painful and would need an immediate treatment.  It almost becomes inevitable to ignore it and you end up biting them knowingly or unknowingly. Moreover the person faces difficulty eating when they develop this condition. In fact it is most likely that food and spices in this case worsen the pimple on lip.


There are many reasons that people develop pimple on lip. These mainly include hormonal imbalance, oily skin, unbalanced diet, viral infection and excess of acid release in the body. Following are some of the other factors that cause this issue –

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  • The most common cause of women getting pimple on lip is because of using poor quality lipstick, lip balm or glow. Inferior quality cosmetic products contain harmful chemicals which can react to the skin or lips and cause symptoms including pimple.
  • There can be lip balm, even of premium quality, which may not suit you and trigger allergic reaction thereby causing this problem
  • Do not at all use makeup that has expired its usage date.
  • A poor unbalanced diet with missing nutrients may also be a cause of pimple on lips.
  • Herpes, which is a sexually transmitted disease, is accompanied with the symptom of pimple on the lips. These pimples are quite painful, big in size and look like ulcer.
  • A body undergoing hormonal transformations due to menstruation, puberty, stress and pregnancy can also experience the condition.
  • Sometimes fluorine present in toothpastes can also react and cause pimple on lip.
  • People having oily skin are most likely to experience pimples on face as well as lips.
  • Chain smokers or anyone who smokes regularly is also at a higher risk of developing pimples.
  • The condition can also be a result of poor personal hygiene or your surroundings particularly if you do not take care of your lips.

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Treatment for pimple on lip

Here are some of the easy ways to get rid of the condition

  • Stop using lip balms, if you use any, until pimple persists. This is because the lip balm may contain harmful chemicals which cause pimple. Some balms are sticky that attract dust and other pollutants which can also trigger pimple formation.
  • Applying hot compress on pimple on lip will relieve discomfort. Cold compress can also be applied for better result. Make sure that you use a clean soft cloth for compresses.
  • Use a medicated mouthwash to wash your lips, mouth and face. Refrain from using soaps, alternatively choose a face wash. You can also use an anti-acne product to treat the condition.
  • Make sure you properly clean your mouth and lips after every meal so as to remove any food residue on and around lips.
  • Drink plenty of water because water keeps mouth fresh, free from odor and stomach clean of toxins. This will also help prevent bacteria formation in the mouth.
  • Another thing that people tend to forget is brushing lips. Everyone should gently brush their lips with clean toothbrush twice a day so as to clean the dirt that would have accumulated on the lips throughout the day.
  • No matter where on face you develop pimple, patience is a must. It is important to realize that puncturing or squeezing the pimple will only worsen it. So be patient and give it time to cure naturally.
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