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Morgellons Disease

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Morgellons disease is a mysterious skin condition. The condition is also sometimes called as Morgellons syndrome. Under this condition the affected individual may have delusional feeling that parasites have affected him/ her; this is a symptoms often recorded in Delusional Parasitosis. In reality no parasites are present. The condition is characterized by sores which are blemishing while at the same time the affected person may experience crawling sensation under the skin. There are also additional dermal symptoms of the condition such as stinging sensation. What makes the disease dreadful is emergence of solid or fiber material from the sores. Experts from CDC or Center for Disease Control and Prevention declared that this unexplainable cutaneal condition does not include affliction from any parasites or other infections.

Morgellons disease symptoms

Primary symptoms of Morgellons disease are associated with the skin of the affected individual. Some of the common symptoms experienced due to this condition include:

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  • Sores or skin rashes that may lead to severe itchiness
  • Feeling unexplainable crawling sensation under the skin and on it this sensation may feel as if any insect is moving
  • Fiber threads emerging from the sores, in some cases there may be emergence of black material
  • Intense fatigue or tiredness
  • Affected concentration
  • In some cases even short term memory loss may be experienced
  • Burning sensation may also be experienced

In certain cases of morgellons syndrome the affected individual complaint about hair loss and pain in joint and muscles. Some people may also experience nervous system related issues. Tooth loss or insomnia may also occur in person affected with this condition.

Causes of Morgellons disease

There are no certain factors that can be considered as the cause of Morgellons disease. There are some experts who believe the condition to be a kind of psychosis that makes a person imaging that they are affected by parasites. Some reports assert that Lyme disease can also cause morgellons disease. So far the researchers have not found the condition to be caused due to infections. Hence, it cannot be considered as contagious yet. No experts have yet asserted that the condition may be an outcome of environmental toxin. This is why it cannot be certainly said what causes the issue.

Morgellons disease is among the rare kinds of skin diseases; this condition is mostly recorded in white women of middle age. A number of morgellons cases were reported in California itself which cause the CDC to research and find out whether these cases were interlinked somehow. But yet no satisfactory answers are found. CDC found no evidence that could prove that the condition is caused due to infection. Researchers studied samples of blood, hair, urine as well as blood taken from affected individual. It was recorded that in 50% cases codeine derivatives such as those found in anti-anxiety drugs, marijuana and pain killers was recorded. The study conducted by CDC also recorded that some people affected with this condition also suffered from depression as well as psychiatric issues.

The skin lesions appearing due to this condition greatly resembled spider or insect bites that are scratched and aggravated. The sores in this condition mostly occurred in forearms, chest lower legs, face as well as back. It was recorded that some lesions indicated present of germs. But these germs were ones that were commonly found in skin and were certainly not the cause of skin lesions. Moreover researchers also cannot find any parasites. One debate still exists in the medical industry is that whether the Morgellons disease is a new condition or merely another name for Delusional Parasitosis.

Treatment for Morgellons disease

Morgellons disease is regarded as an unexplained mysterious condition. Though some experts consider it to be psychological issues some expert still considered it to be a standalone disease. The study conducted by CDC recorded that some people affected with this condition also suffered from depression as well as psychiatric issues. Most experts suggest Morgellons disease affected individual to treat any underlying psychological or physical issue which may perhaps help in alleviating the condition. In case if you are suggested to undergo psychiatric help accept it and consider treatment as it may provide relief from the condition. It is crucial to regularly visit your doctor to track the condition and determine whether it is alleviating or aggravating. Unfortunately the affected individual is not left with even a few options to deal with the disease. Hence, the only available option that morgellons patients have is to deal with the symptoms.

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Morgellons disease has become controversial overtime. There are different attitudes towards the disease. Some health experts say that the disease is a serious health anomaly which should be confirmed for evaluation and researches further. While some expert say that the symptoms of the condition is often caused by a primary underlying issues, often a mental problem. Other experts do not want to comment anything until further knowledge is gained about the condition. While such debates are going on in the medical industry Morgellons disease patients feel ignored. They feel as if they are dismissed as fakers.

Dealing with symptom of Morgellons disease

Symptoms often caused due to morgellons disease are distressing and debilitating. Even though experts deny the fact that the condition is a concern and just psychological issues people affected with the disease needs significant treatment. It is crucial to obtain medical attention to treat and alleviate the symptoms of this disease. Treatment for controlling the symptoms would greatly depend on the symptoms that you are experiencing. For example if you are suffering from insomnia caused due to the condition, then your doctor may suggest you sleeping pills to help you get needed rest. To start your treatment you should first find a health care team that could pay attention towards your condition. You should find an expert who considers it to be an issue and not just a psychological problem. You may have to go through several doctors to find one who will look into the matter seriously.

Though the condition is debilitating you will have to be patient. Your doctor may do a thorough research and try to find evidence-based treatment which may take some time. Hence, you will have to go with the flow. Be optimist and have an open state of mind considering doctor’s recommendation to be important. You may also have to undergo psychological treatment as well as other therapies in long term which may prove to be beneficial. If you have other underlying conditions then you may have to seek treatment. This may not only alleviate the symptoms, but may also perhaps help in treating the disease. Until any confirmed revealing discovery is done on Morgellons disease, dealing with the symptoms and underlying health issues is perhaps the only option that affected individuals have.

Morgellons Disease – Pictures

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  1. Put your fingers on hemp cord, which is from the marijuana plant. the morgellons loves it. I cannot believe the lies suggesting it helps. The itchiness was unreal from holding hemp for a few minutes. Military must be posting lies that it helps.
    eat salt without iodine. Morgs loves iodine. I believed the blog about eating iodine. If you swim in algae that’s loaded with iodine, you will reinfest yourself with God knows how many bioweapon versions of this crap. Make jewelry from pure salt. wearing it against the skin gets it into the blood stream to kill it. wear it constantly.

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