How to get rid of groundhogs?

How to get rid of groundhogs?

Getting rid of groundhogs, also called as woodchucks or Marmota monax (scientific name), is not an easy work. It can also take from few weeks to few months time to overcome this problem that otherwise may eat away your vegetables grown in the garden. Here, in this article we will discuss two methods of how to get rid of groundhogs. The first method is by pouring ammonia in the holes where the groundhogs live and the second is simply by using a “Have-a-Heart” cage to trap the tiny animals. The second process is a real hard work compared to the first, but you get a peace of mind. It does not injure the groundhogs. Remember, the holes are home for groundhogs and these may also have their babies. So, it is better suggested to go for the second process.

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Pouring Ammonia In The Holes

The first method is called as ammonia-in-the-hole. In this method you need to choose a sunny day as the sun light brings out the groundhogs from their burrows or holes.

On one sunny day, take about three cups of Sudsy Ammonia or cloudy ammonia, as it is sometimes called, and put it in the burrows or holes of the groundhog. The liquid should be enough to flow deep in the burrows. Remember, you need to wear gloves in hands while pouring the solution in groundhog holes.

If the Sudsy Ammonia is not available in your local market, you can also take a mixture of water and detergent. This will work equally well. Next, add two cups of regular ammonia to it. After this, add the mixture to detergent solution and fill the burrows or holes with it. This will allow the groundhogs come out of their holes.

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Note: Sometimes the time taken for the groundhogs to come out of holes may be very long. This is because the hole also has babies and the mother first try to find new home for the new born and then take them there.

Once the process is done, keep a watch on the holes and make sure those have been abandoned. If any activity is seen the next day, you need to repeat the whole process once again to get rid of groundhogs completely.

Note: The process need to be repeated regularly for few days as in many cases you can’t get rid of it in just one process. Also, repeat the pouring process keeping a gap of one day in average and never forget to do so only on sunny days so that the groundhogs get one more opportunity to re-home. This will at least give you a peace of mind to some extent as the groundhogs can easily re-locate themselves.

Using “Have-a-Heart” Trap

In some states of the United States the above mentioned process may be illegal. So, it is better to check the local laws first before you start with the above process to get rid of groundhogs. If yes, try another method of doing so which is not illegal anywhere in the US, probably.

First get one humane “have-a-heart” trap from the market. Though these traps are not very expensive to buy, but you can also hire one for the purpose. You may save some bucks by hiring it.

After buying or hiring, keep the trap near to the holes of groundhog. Make sure the distance between the trap and hole is about 50 feet. Keep some luring fruits and leaves such as apples and bananas inside the trap as the groundhogs come to the cage to eat those and get caught.

Keep a watch on the trap in the morning and also in early evening. Once a groundhog is caught in it, put gloves on hands and place the trap on a cardboard. Carry it in the back of your car and release the tiny animal few miles away from your house, in woods. Remember, it is not a work of a day or two to completely get rid of the groundhogs. You need to repeat the process everyday for about a week or even two.

Note: This process will give you peace of mind as you are not injuring the groundhogs and also relocating it in the woods where they will be happier to be away from human beings.

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