How to get rid of gnats in your house?

How to get rid of gnats in your house?

Gnats as well as fruits flies can be very irritating when they infest your kitchen. Insects swarming around food are not hygienic and may look dirty. Getting rid of such flies and gnats can be troublesome but not extremely difficult. There are few changes that one can implement in the house to get rid of these tiny irritators.

How to get rid of gnats in the kitchen

To start with you, should first kill present gnats and then proceed to clean your kitchen and everything else in the house which may attract gnats. You should also ensure that any gnat larvae present in the house is expelled completely not letting even one larva inside. In short, your kitchen and other areas in the house, where gnats dwell, need thorough cleaning.

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You should first focus on killing the living gnats that are present in the kitchen. These creatures are especially attracted to confectionary items. This in fact is a benefit as one can even set-up a trap using such items. Gnats once trapped in liquid may not be able to escape. Hence, make some trap by pouring sweetened liquids like sugared soda or lemonade in a shallow container. Leave this container overnight at a place where gnats are found. Next morning, you will be able to see dead gnats in the container floating on the liquid.

There are other tricks that can be adopted in case the aforementioned technique does not completely eradicate these gnats. However, remember that you should try the above technique several times before switching to another one. There is another way to trap gnats. Take several plastic cups and put rotten or over-ripened fruits in them. Fill every cup with water and little dish-soap. Place these cups at regions of the house where gnats are highly seen and leave it overnight. The over-ripened fruit can attract the gnats and the water plus soap solution will trap and kill the gnats.

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Preventing Gnats from infesting

Gnats are usually not seen in hygienic places. They are often seen in areas where food is spilled, left out or the kitchen is generally dirty. To clean away the dirt and avoid gnats from infesting, you can make a mixture of vinegar and water. Fill the solution in a spray-bottle. Spray the solution everywhere in the kitchen including you sink, fridge, cooking area, kitchen counter, kitchen table, etc. this will remove any debris or unclean places in the kitchen as these are the factors that may attract gnats.

You should keep foods, fruits and vegetables in appropriate places. Perishable foods should be kept in a well- sealed container, preferably placed in fridge. There are some people who like to place the fruit bowl on the kitchen counter. It is crucial that all the fruits are washed properly. If there is any item that is rotten or overripened, then get rid of it before it attracts gnats. Gnats prefer to feed on and dwell around rotten fruits.  You should throw away fruits within approximately five days from the time of purchase. It is better to place vegetables and fruits in the refrigerator as it will not only prevent gnat colonization on the fruit but will also ensure that the fruits remain fresh for long time.

Houseplants that are placed in kitchen might also attract gnats. This happens especially in case stems or leaves starts to wilt. Hence, inspect your plant and check if any such occurrences are there. Gnats may also infest the plant’s root, especially if it has started to rot. Dig little in the mud near root of the plant and try to check if root is decaying. Gnats are also attracted to dead plants that start decaying. There may be other growths in the soil of the plant such as fungus or larvae. When you have thoroughly analyzed the plant and eradicated affected area such as wilting leaves, then sprinkle some sand on the soil and over the sand sprinkle some cinnamon powder. Cinnamon as well as sand will help by keeping away gnats from the plant’s soil.

If you are staying in an area where gnats are consistently found, then even after cleaning your kitchen you will have to take measures to continuously keep the gnats away. Keeping kitchen completely clean will ensure that your house remains free of gnats. Adopt regular cleaning habit, for example, if something spills, wipe it clean immediately, do not let it stay for even minutes. Always get rid of perishable food items such as fruits vegetables, if they seem to be over-ripened.

If you find it difficult to get rid of these insects, then there are readily available sprays that can help you eradicate gnats faster. If nothing can be done, then at least cover your food items with a proper lid or mesh to protect them from unhygienic insects. You always have one option that can help you get rid of gnats in kitchen and that is professional pest control services.

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