Fluttering in stomach

Fluttering in Stomach – What could it be?

The feeling of butterfly fluttering in stomach may occur as a result of many things, and it is quite difficult to confirm a diagnosis if there is no proper examination and investigation done to ascertain what could be causing such a sensation. The peristaltic movement induced by movement of foods in intestines is one thing that can cause the feeling of flutter in your stomach.

The muscles cramps within the abdomen will bring about the flutters as the foods moves in the intestines. Frequent abdominal cramps may be experienced if a person has prolonged exercises, anemia, anxiety, dehydration, as well as deficiency of mineral components like potassium, sodium, calcium, and magnesium.

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People with serious disorders such as myotonia, neurodegenerative disease, and vascular disorders are also likely to encounter stomach flutters. The most common reasons why one would experience flutters in stomach is passage of fluid, digestive content, and air within the intestines. Sometimes palpitation arising from the heart could feel like you are having stomach problems where you see and feel the flutters. The opposite may also be true.

The heart and the stomach share some nervous innervations and they can have what may be seen as cross talk or form of communication and impulses, which can induce such feelings of fluttering. Eating healthy nutritious foods and keeping oneself well hydrated may help in countering the flutters. The Hb levels also need to be checked for anemia.

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Although the symptoms may subside and go away on their own after having a balanced diet, in case they persist, it is better to seek for clinical evaluation. Stomach flutters could occur with negative and positive stressful events. The state of anxiousness in a person can induce physical symptoms, which show nervous feelings in stomach. The smooth muscles lining the stomach and intestines usually responds to various chemical messages such as those produced when you are anxious or nervous.

Anxiety could also bring about decreased amount of stomach acid and blood flow in stomach causing physical signs. The flight or fight response that one experiences when he or she senses danger could send the stomach fluttering. This affects the smooth muscles of stomach and a sudden increase in adrenaline causes the stomach acid to decrease.

With too much adrenaline, it may cause a peristalsis or knotting on stomach where there is contraction of stomach muscles that is essential in emptying its contents. The flutters may also happen during pregnancy in women. The movement of fetus that begins around the 13th week of pregnancy could see some of the symptoms like stomach flutters.

Women who are not pregnant have reported a feeling of baby movement and this could be due to stomach fluttering. Besides, women with fibroids and endometriosis may describe feeling of fetal kicking or thumping even when they are not pregnant. Such feeling of baby movement in stomach need to be examined by a physician in order to determine what might be causing them. Depending on that cause of flutters, appropriate treatment can be offered to treat them.

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