Zoom Whitening - Pain, Side Effects, Procedure, Cost

Zoom Whitening – All You Wanted to Know

Who does not want a sparkling smile? Everyone, to say the least. Everyone is born with the pearly white teeth. Tragically, the whiteness of the teeth vanishes with time. In slow, yet steady progression, the white smile which dazzled the room turns yellowish.

People try to find the solution of the problem in products like toothpaste or mouthwash. However, these products can only provide temporary and not-so-effective solutions to the stained teeth problem.

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Those who are looking for a more lasting and effective solution will find solace in Zoom Whitening. This is a procedure which is used to erase the stain of teeth. In other words, the doctors bleach the teeth to lighten the discoloring.


Causes of Teeth Staining

There are many causes of teeth staining. The most common cause of the discoloring is advancing age. Consumption of staining properties is another reason why teeth lose their natural color. Tea, coffee, red wine, tobacco are the few of the culprits who act together to rob teeth off the whiteness.

Sometimes during the formation of the teeth, the children consume antibiotic or other medication, which lead to discoloration and stains.

Zoom Whitening – an effective way to removal stains and discoloration

Zoom is a process which effectively removes the staining and gives the teeth back its whiteness. This bleaching process  has been successfully used to remove teeth stain of people, across the world. The widely used process can only be performed by certified experts. This is a safe procedure. However, if done by untrained people, it can be risky.


Zoom Whitening – Procedure

Those who want to undergo this treatment will have to meet a dentist first. This will be the initial consultation. The session usually does not take much time. The dentist performs a basic check-up. This is done to ensure the position of the teeth. Also, the assessment ensures whether the patient is ready for the zoom whitening.

This treatment can be customized based on the requirement of the patients. This is the best feature of the zoom whitening treatment.

Normally, after the consultation the doctors perform a quick cleaning session. This cleaning session includes polishing as well. This is done to remove all the built up plaque. Once this is done, the zoom whitening can take place.

Usually it is the dentist who prepares the patients. However, the responsibility of preparing your teeth might fall on an assistant as well. The dentist usually covers the gum area to protect it from coming in contact with the teeth whitening hydrogen peroxide gel, used to bleach the teeth.

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Once your teeth is ready, the dentist applies the teeth whitening gel. Along with this, a super zoom light is used for the removal of dental stains. The gel also breaks down the discoloration of the teeth, making it easy to remove the stains.

The process is not a lengthy one. It takes about 45 to 60 minutes for the entire process to get complete. Dentists remove and reapply the gel more than thrice to maximize the effect of the process. This does not only make the stains go away, this helps in teeth polishing as well.

Usually, the dentists give a kit to the patients. This kit can be used at home to maintain the effect of the treatment.

The patient can listen to music during the treatment. Many even fall asleep as it is a comfortable way of erasing stains.


Who Can Benefit?

The treatment is for everyone. However, depending on the person, the result may vary. The dentist is the only person who can predict the result of the treatment.


Zoom Whitening – Side Effects

The treatment can be availed safely without any sort of threat. However, it comes with some effects which might be considered unwanted. It might cause over sensitivity in the gum and teeth area. However, this is a temporary condition. It can also cause soreness around the gum area, in case the gum comes into the contact with the whitening gel.


Does Zoom Whitening cause pain?

Some have reported pain during the treatment. Some have claimed to feel pain after the whitening process. However, it is rare for people with healthy gum and teeth to feel pain. It is advisable to talk to the dentist in case the pain sustains for long.


How long does Zoom Whitening last?

 The results are expected to last from one year to one year and six months; it can last longer than this period too. It is recommended to maintain your teeth, brush properly, avoid tea or coffee and steer clear of smoking and betelnut.

It is definitely a safe and quick procedure for teeth whitening with flattering results, something that very few dental whitening procedures can rival.


Zoom Whitening Picture – Before and After


 How much does Zoom Whitening Cost?

The cost might vary depending on the clinic and extent of damage. However, the average cost of the treatment ranges around $500. This cost includes the kit which the dentists offer to the patients for maintenance.

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