White Tail Spider Bite - Pictures, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

White Tail Spider Bite – Pictures, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

White tail spider bite is among the most feared kinds of spider bites. Other two spider bites which are even more dangerous include Black Widow spider bite and Brown Recluse spider bites. In order to determine whether the bite you experienced is from white tail spider, it is essential to immediately see which insect bite you. If it is a spider then determine how it looks. Its appearance will help you determine which spider bite you are suffering from. In order to do this you need to understand characteristics of a white tail spider.

White tail spiders are often medium in size. These spiders are mostly found in southern region of Australia. Also a considerable amount of this species exists in eastern Australia. Nevertheless these spiders may be present anywhere. In United States there are a few incidences of white tail spider bite recorded in medical industry. These spiders are said to be white tail because they have a whitish spot at the tip of their rear end of the abdomen. These are vagabond spiders which makes them different from other conventional spiders. These spiders do not spin their webs, but they wait for their prey to get entrapped. In fact white tail spiders hunt for prey by wandering.

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These spiders eat insects but they also prefer other regular spiders as their victim. These spiders also have venom which makes it easy for them to hunt down their prey. There are considerable reports of white tail spider attacking humans and causing serious symptoms. This sort of spider are said to be active in hot and humid climate such as in summer. You may find such spiders not only in attics but mostly in clothes, beddings etc. The body of white tail spider is cylindrical. The spider is medium size measuring around 1 to 2 centimeters. These spiders may be seen in different colors such as grey, brown etc, and may have glossy legs. The identification that makes these spiders distinctly recognizable is a white spot appearing in the rear end of the abdomen of the spider. In some cases there may be two white spots appearing on the front of the body.

Venom of White tail spider

Venoms found in spiders are often sophisticated mixture of different substances. It usually has one or more than one main components which can lead to clinical reactions in human.  So far studies conducted on white tail spider venom indicated presence of potentially harmful substances. However, there were no substances that could cause permanent or significant skin damages.

Dwelling place of White tail spider

If you want to stay protected from the bite of a white tail spider then avoid reaching out to places where such spiders may be present. You should also understand that these spiders do not bite humans often, but they do only when they are provoked or are trying to protect their eggs. Beddings are a suitable spot for such spiders to dwell in your house. They may enter into your clothes and dwell there. Untouched corners or crevices in the house also serve to be a perfect dwelling for white tail spiders. Other spots away from the house, where these spiders can be found may include, tree barks, underside of leaves, rocks, dense bushes etc.

White tail spider bite symptoms

It is noticed that in case if a white tail spider attacks you it will often target your arms or legs. The bite may cause various symptoms some of which may be localized while others may be general. Some of the common symptoms of white tail spider bite include:

  • Localized stinging or burning sensations
  • Lump occurring at the bitten spot
  • Itchiness experienced at the bitten region
  • Swelling of the punctured area
  • Skin becoming paled or discolored
  • Nausea as well as vomiting
  • Ulcer development

It was also believed that bite of this spider can cause necrotizing arachnidism wherein inflammation and ulceration is experienced. However, this is denied by some experts who practice in advanced medical settings. However occurrence of necrotic lesions is possible in some cases. This is a condition wherein affected region becomes damaged and die. This condition may also occur due to other conditions apart from spider bite; for example, inappropriate blood circulation, bacterial infection, diabetes mellitus, chemical burns etc.

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White tail spider bite effect

Some experts assert that this spider has weak venom which may probably cause intense health problems but it may not be fatal. One of the most common spider bites recorded in Australia is white tail spider attack but these are not often hazardous. Though it is widely believed that the bite can lead to ulcer and significant skin damages, mostly mild symptoms such as pain is recorded in most cases. There is no concrete scientific report that could prove that the condition may cause serious problems. The spot where the spider has bitten also develops local bumps which may ebb away in few hours to even few days. Though there are chances of secondary infection on the bitten spot such cases are rarely recorded.

White tail spider bite first aid

First aid technique for white tail spider bite will help in reducing the effect of the venom. However, there is not certain first aid for such bites which may confirmedly provide relief. Nevertheless, there are some methods which when adopted may serve to be helpful in dealing with the condition. One of such effective technique is to apply ice pack or warm compresses on the bitten spot. This will aid in reducing pain and inflammation. In case if you start noticing blisters or ulcers it is crucial to seek medical attention.

Treatment for White tail spider bite

Generally the bite may not need any treatment. Using a disinfectant immediately after being bitten may reduce your risk by 50%. You may use oral pain killer in case pain is prevalent. You may have to seek medical attention if the pain persists and blisters develop on the affected area. Discoloration of skin and other intolerable symptoms should be consulted with your doctor immediately. Your doctor may suggest you drugs like antibiotics and cortisone which may often recommended for people bitten by spider. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy may also be suggested to patient suffering from intense symptoms of the bite. Antihistamine medicines may be suggested which can also alleviate inflammation. In cases wherein the affected individuals have dead skin regions the doctor may suggest removal of the skin and apply graft on the region.

Prevention of white tail spider bite

We all know prevention is better than cure and even white tail spider bite can be prevented with some helpful measures. Since such spiders attack only if they feel threatened it is better to avoid going near them. They are often found in secluded area; hence, avoid going to such places in the house for example, attics, garage etc. Even if you desire to go in such place consider wearing protective clothes such as full sleeves shirts and full length bottoms. You can also wear gloves and ankle high shoes for extra protection. Also if you run regular pest control in your house then the risks of spider bite gets reduced significantly.

White tail spider bites in most cases are not hazardous but it may turn severe in some cases. It is crucial to consult your doctor immediately if you do not know what bit you and if you are experiencing severe symptoms of the condition.

White Tail Spider Bite – Pictures

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