White bumps on Tonsils

White bumps on Tonsils

From time immemorial we have seen that if tonsils get infected or inflamed, the doctors would suggest removing them but there is a fighting theory to this that many doctors believe today. The theory is that tonsils have a great impact on the digestive process of a body and they help in fighting off many other forms of infection which gradually results in white spots or bumps on the tonsils. The bumps on tonsils have been determined to be pus. This article will reveal what exactly white bumps on tonsils are and will also shed light on the possible causes and treatments available for them.
White bumps on tonsils are defined by experts as pus that generates when white blood cells kill off bacteria’s or viruses that infect a tissue. They are common these days and can be treated through natural ways at home but in some rare cases a physician’s guidance might be required. A doctor must be consulted if the situation gets severe or if the symptoms continue to appear for a long period of time.


1.    Tonsil stones:
Tonsil stones include bacteria, dead cells, food particles and mucus and generally develop when debris gets caught in the crevices of the tonsil. It helps the viruses and bacteria to infect and inflame the tonsil which results in white spots.
2.    Tonsillitis:
Tonsillitis is another infection caused due to exposure to bacteria or viruses and when the tonsils try to fight them, they generate white pus that gets accumulated in the white patches on the flesh. These are called white bumps on tonsils and they might even cause you fever, headache or a stiff neck.
3.    Fungal infection:

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White bumps on tonsils might also be a result of fungal infection caused due to excess amount of yeast accumulation.  Yeast is normal in every person but sometimes it gets beyond the limit and causes white patches on the tonsils. The infection could also be visible in the mouth sometimes which might alter your sense of taste.
4.    Sore throat:
Sore throat is experienced by everyone especially when they consume something cold. It occurs due to a strep infection which gradually develops into white bumps on the tonsils and the throat. During this period you might even experience high fever.
5.    Mononucleosis:
This another common cause of pus accumulating in the tonsils. It is a viral infection that combines the effects of fever, headaches, and fatigue and flu symptoms into one. People who develop this infection will have white patches of pus on their throats and tonsils.

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Natural Home remedies

1.    Gargle:
This is one of the most common way of treating tonsils or bumps on tonsils at home. Gargling once or twice in a day can ease the discomfort of having an itchy tonsil condition. All you have to do is take warm water and mix adequate content of salt in it and gargle completely in order to get the pus out of your mouth.

2.    Intake warm fluids:
Always make sure you consume warm fluids be it water or any other drink. Drinking caffeine free fluids such as tea mixed with honey is highly recommended by doctors for people with a tonsil condition.

Medical treatment

1.    Antibiotics:
Antibiotics are prescribed for every medical condition and they can work wonders in this regard too. If your discomfort with the tonsils is getting too severe, you should visit a doctor to get some lab tests done. The doctor will eventually prescribe you the right medication to get rid of the ridiculous condition quickly.

2.    Tonsillectomy:
This is another famous procedure when it comes to dealing with tonsils. Since the world is advanced today, people rarely undergo it. A doctor might suggest you to get the tonsils removed through a tonsillectomy process when your tonsils get swollen or inflamed to such an extent that you have a tough time inhaling. This is a trusted surgical procedure that you can undergo under the guidance of an expert.  An adequate diet is usually suggested after the surgery.

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