Trapped Gas - Pain, Symptoms, Relief, Causes

Trapped Gas

One of the things that could spoil someone’s day by making them feel uncomfortable is trapped gas. Whatever one eats or drinks could be a reason for gas formation in the stomach, large and small intestines. When food in large quantities pass through the gut undigested, it makes the body to produce excess gas. The way you eat could cause you to swallow air, which goes directly to your stomach to create gas bubbles.


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Causes of trapped gas

Trapped gas in stomach could also be caused by the food itself that you have consumed. Discomfort and at times pain can be experienced due to the gas that has been trapped in the stomach. Belching and flatulence are some of the ways that trapped gas can be passed out of your body. This helps the body to feel relaxed making you comfortable to go about with your daily routines.

Trapped gas may bring about body pain especially abdominal, back and chest pains. This gas can be minimized by avoiding vegetables such as cabbage and broccolis. They are known to be highly gaseous once consumed. Drinking through a straw, chewing gum, taking carbonated beverages and eating too fast are contributing factors to trapping gas.


Remedies of the trapped gas

However several remedies have been discovered to relieve the trapped gas and make it pass out of the body faster, personal exercise may assist. Depending on your preference, this activity can be carried out on your bed, sofa or that exercise mat. You lie on your back and hug your knees to your chest. By doing this, it helps the trapped gas to be squeezed out naturally, as it will have travelled towards the anus and left through it.

Drinking up ginger root tea taken before or after meals relaxes the intestinal tract. Ginger helps in expelling as well as formation of gas because it acts as a carminative. If ginger root tea becomes unpleasant for you to take, you can use peppermint or drink chamomile tea. They all help with trapped gas formed due to indigestion.

In that local drug store, you can get over the counter remedies. Milk of magnesia and other products containing simethicone may be used. These products are responsible for the breaking up of the trapped gas thus relieving bloating. Cramping is a condition caused by trapped gas and it can also be relieved by these products. Some antibiotics and antacids that have been prescribed by the doctor could also be taken for relief.

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Taking warm lemon water as your every morning routine is a helpful habit. The lemons used should be fresh so as to get enough juice from them to make the water cloudy. This mixture will stimulate hydrochloric acid production responsible for efficient food breakdown. This will lead to less bloating and ease in pain brought about by trapped gas.

Baking soda is also a readily available product that can be used to bring relief. Slightly warm water should be mixed with half a tablespoon of baking soda. This mixture will break trapped gas built up in your stomach. If two hours pass by and you still feel the gas, drink up another dose. This will cause belching leading to relief. Trapped gas build up can be avoided by chewing up food thoroughly. This finely chewed meal will digest faster and go through the intestines with ease avoiding gas pile up.

Having a healthy water intake routine is also advised as it eliminates food from the intestines quickly. Digestive problems experienced can be caused by high stress levels. Reduction of stress is highly recommended. Incase gas is trapped in the gut; a heating pad can be used to relieve the pain caused by the gas. However, a layer of clothing should be used to protect burning that may be caused by the heating pad. This heat will in turn relax the muscles thus reducing pain.

Belching is one of the means to release trapped gas in the body .It can be induced if it does not happen naturally. Drinking a glass of club soda can make the trapped gas leave your stomach. If two hours after intake you still feel the gas presence, then drink another glass of club soda. This then breaks up the trapped gas bubbles causing you to belch and release it.

Evacuation of trapped gas from the body can be easily possible if your inner ecosystem is healthy. Consumption of too much food should be limited as it overwhelms the normal food digestion.

Doctors can assist to identify the cause of the gas. Trapped gas may be a sign of bacteria forming in the intestines. If the gas is trapped in the small intestines, it is an indicator of bacterial growth .To avoid this, you have to eat food s that are rich in soluble fibers like pumpkin and eliminate sugar intake from your diet. Fermented foods in the diet can also be helpful in growth of beneficial bacteria responsible for gas breakage. If the gas source is the large intestines then it is flatulence.

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