Tortuous Colon - Symptoms, Causes, Diet, Treatment

Tortuous Colon

Tortuous colon is a condition that develops due to an improper diet plan but many individuals have it from birth. In some cases the colon loops too much and gets severely twisted resulting in intestinal blockages. It may even lead to constipation that might be tortuous at times.

A tortuous colon is referred by medical practitioners as a redundant colon that might exist longer than normal and might require more number or twists and extra loops in order to fit it into the allocated space. Most of the people expect a typical colon to be around five feet long. Some rare cases might involve the addition of some extra loops.

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  1. A tortuous colon is a rarely seen condition in itself and can easily be treated with just a few dietary changes. The symptoms that arise due to this condition are similar to gastrointestinal problems or bowel syndromes.
  2. The most common symptoms to notice would be cramps, excessive gas, bloating and irregular bowel movements. These things clearly indicate a tortuous colon.
  3. Other symptoms would be rashes occurring on the skin due to the irregular and lousy flow of toxins through the colon.


The best way to identify a tortuous colon would be with its symptoms but more often a colonoscopy needs to be done in order to get it diagnosed properly. In this procedure, the doctor inserts a colonoscope into the patients rectum and tries to identify if the colon itself is tortuous. This procedure to identify the colon completely might not be that effective in a condition where the colon is severely twisted.

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Treatment and Diet

The most trusted and highly adopted method to treat a tortuous colon would be to reduce the stress that you put on it. One easy and smart way to do this would be to include more fiber in your diet plans. Fruits and vegetables are the best for anyone to stay healthy. Include more of them in your diet.

Drinking plenty of water along with your fiber enriched diet is equally important as it helps you eliminate most of the waste from your body easily and is pretty effective when it comes to you being healthy for a long time.

Sometimes it might not be possible to cure the colon with just an improved diet. So consult a good physician and he might prescribe you laxatives that will help you aid your bowel movements.


Many people fear tortuous colon as they develop a misconception that they would lead to cancer or might expose an individual on the process of developing cancer. The truth is, it certainly does not cause cancer and there is nothing much to be scared of when you develop a tortuous colon.

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