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Pus Pockets in Throat

‘Pus pockets in throat’ is not a condition in itself but rather a symptom of some other underlying illness like pharyngitis or tonsillitis. Pus pockets in throat may be caused due to inflammation of the pharynx or the tonsils which in turn can occur due to varied illnesses like common cold, flu, and bacterial infections […]

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Dry Scratchy Throat

A dry scratchy throat is generally a symptom of some other health condition. It can occur due to varied causes such as bacterial infections like whooping cough or strep throat; viral infections like flu or cold; and dryness, allergies, excessive and continuous talking, and elevated muscle strain. Dry scratchy throat is usually a harmless condition […]

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White bumps on Tonsils

From time immemorial we have seen that if tonsils get infected or inflamed, the doctors would suggest removing them but there is a fighting theory to this that many doctors believe today. The theory is that tonsils have a great impact on the digestive process of a body and they help in fighting off many […]

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Globus Sensation – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Globus sensation is a condition wherein an affected individual will sense the presence of a foreign object or a lump in his/her throat, despite the absence of any such matter in the throat. Persons with globus sensation may experience problems in swallowing. It is important for patients to seek medical attention if the issue persists. […]

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