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IBS Pain

What is IBS? IBS or irritable bowel syndrome is a very common functional gut disorder. This means, in this syndrome, there exist no structural abnormality. So, only the gut malfunctions while rest all the parts look normal.   Who gets it – Statistics for IBS Research studies have shown that on an average 1 in […]

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Orange Colored Stool

The color, shape, and texture of your stool can tell a lot about what is going on inside your body. It is therefore advisable that you take a moment to check on your discharge every day before you flash the toilet. Normally, the color of stool varies between brown, green, and yellow. Other things that […]

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Hard Stool

Hard stool is usually a sign of constipation. The presence of stool in the gastrointestinal tract for over 48 hours results in reabsorption of the fluid by the body, thereby causing the stool to become dry, hard, lumpy, and difficult to eliminate out from the body. Untreated cases can lead to chronic constipation and in […]

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Loose Stool

Normal stool is soft, firm, and brownish in color with a peanut butter like consistency that prevents any strain or pressure during bowel movements. Any change in this texture, color, and consistency of feces is regarded as anomalous and loose stool is one of them. Loose stool can occur due to minor causes or severe […]

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Oily Stool

Oily stool is caused due to the presence of fats in stool and is medically referred to as steatorrhea. It usually occurs due to malabsorption of fats when food is getting digested, i.e., the fats were not absorbed by the linings of the digestive tract. Oily stool usually appears greasy and bulky and emits a […]

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Black Specks in Stool

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There may be a lot of information about your health gathered from just taking a look on your stool. The color, consistency, texture, form, and general appearance of stool can give some clues on the condition of gastrointestinal tract. While black specks in stool could indicate something like food you have eaten, it may also […]

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Black Stool in Adults

The color of normal stool is brown which signified presence of bile in stool. Bile is made by liver but it is concentrated and stored within the gallbladder before it is secreted into intestine where it aids in digestion of food. The stool released by adults may appear black or dark because of ingesting substances […]

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White specks in stool

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White specks in stool may occur due to mild causes or severe underlying condition. White discoloration of stool which occurs just one time can be ignored. However, if it occurs on a frequent basis or is chronic, then patients need to visit a doctor for proper diagnosis and relevant treatment. Causes of white specks in […]

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Green diarrhea in adults

The color of stool is undoubtedly an important consideration. The frequent change in color is not to be panicked about as they all have their reasons. The occasional green stool is sometimes green diarrhea usually caused due to change in food consumption and supplements such as iron and vitamins, even if they are not green […]

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Diarrhea Right after Eating

Basically, diarrhea can be defined as production of loose watery stool that occurs at a higher frequency than normal with increased overall stool bulk. Essentially, it reflects the reversal of the normal absorptive condition of electrolytes and water to secretion of the same. The increased water content in the feces, which normally is approximately 10mL/kg/day […]

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