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How to get rid of skunk smell?

People living in skunk-infested regions often have to deal with problems of skunk odor. Stinky skunk smell can persist in the house for weeks and even months. It is therefore vital to get rid of the nauseating skunk smell as soon as possible.Discussed below are the varied ways in which you can get rid of […]

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Why does my belly button smell?

A smelly belly button can arise due to many causes, ranging from lack of personal hygiene to bacterial infections. Outward facing belly buttons or ‘outies’ are less vulnerable to developing infections than ‘innies’ or inward facing belly buttons. Causes of a smelly belly button Some of the common causes for a belly button to smell […]

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How to Get Rid Of Skunk Smell?

Skunk smells are one of the major problems in your house. It has no permanent solution, but you can get rid of it by following the below mentioned process regularly. Open Windows Natural sunlight is very important to get rid of skunk smell. Opening of windows will let the room odor go out and allow […]

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Strong Odor in Urine

Urine odor refers to the smell of urine as it is eliminated from the body. Urine odor can vary; it be sweet smelling or foul. Urine odor is associated with the concentration and amount of different chemicals removed by the kidneys. In most cases, diluted urine seldom has any odor. Causes and associated symptoms of […]

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