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Solar Plexus Pain

You probably have heard of solar plexus and its associated pain. When you talk of solar plexus, it consists of a complex network of arteries and nerves located below the xiphoid process, a part of the breast bone. The nerves and arteries are found above the stomach and below the breast bone’s xiphoid process. To […]

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Trapped Gas

One of the things that could spoil someone’s day by making them feel uncomfortable is trapped gas. Whatever one eats or drinks could be a reason for gas formation in the stomach, large and small intestines. When food in large quantities pass through the gut undigested, it makes the body to produce excess gas. The […]

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Trapped Gas in the Chest

In our lives, we are likely to have a trapped gas in the chest. It is likely to disappear after belching and passing out wind in the form of flatulence. The persistence of the trapped gas may cause chest pains. Trapped gas is caused by bacteria living in the colon ferments with carbohydrates that are […]

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IBS Pain

What is IBS? IBS or irritable bowel syndrome is a very common functional gut disorder. This means, in this syndrome, there exist no structural abnormality. So, only the gut malfunctions while rest all the parts look normal.   Who gets it – Statistics for IBS Research studies have shown that on an average 1 in […]

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Pancreas Pain

Pancreas pain occurs following the inflammation of the pancreas. The pain is commonly referred to by its technical name, pancreatitis. Pancreatitis can either be chronic or acute. Chronic pancreatitis When the pancreas has been suffering inflammation for a long time, this form of pancreatitis goes by the name ‘chronic pancreatitis’. Chronic pancreatitis usually occurs following […]

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Occipital Lymph Node

The occipital lymph nodes are 1 to 2 cm oval or ball shaped glands situated next to the muscles between the neck and the head. They are a part of the lymphatic system and together with the immune system help fight viral, bacterial, and other pathogenic infections. The glands transport lymph fluid from the area […]

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Gallbladder Pain – Location, Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Relief

Gallbladder is small organ which is located close to the liver and helps in digestion of fats as well as concentration of bile produced by liver. Any pain associated with this small organ is called gallbladder pain. The gallbladder receives bile from the liver, deposits it and passes it in the alimentary canal when required. […]

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Appendix Pain – Location, Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis,Treatment

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What does appendix pain feel like ? Appendix pain is one of the common complications experienced by numerous people around the world. This pain is often caused by a serious health issue called appendicitis. It occurs when opening of appendix is obstructed. This causes the organ to be filled with mucus and swelling occurs. There […]

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