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Itchy Lips

Itchy lips is a condition that occurs commonly, and many people tend to ignore the issue. However, it would be a good idea to try and figure out why you have this itchiness. Itchy lips can be a sign that you have a serious infection and you should seek medical attention when it is too […]

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Lip Discoloration

Lips are soft and usually reddish or pinkish in color. Lips may discolor or become darker due to a variety of causes, including contact with environmental elements, underlying skin ailments, systemic conditions, lifestyle aspects, and electromagnetic, chemical, physical, or mechanical damage of lip tissue. It may be noted that lips usually never attain a completely […]

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Upper Lip Twitching

Upper lip twitching is common and affects almost one and all. Twitching of lips is an immediate and unusual contraction of the lip muscle. It is an instinctive action and may occur only on lower or upper lips or both the lips at the same time. Twitching may occur because of some stimulation or some […]

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Sunburned Lips

The layer of skin on the lips is very thin. It also does not have any kind of lubrication provided by the oil glands or a protective covering of hair. Hence, the lips are very vulnerable to damage after exposure to the sun. Dermatologists recommend the use of lip balms with a minimum SPF of […]

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Fordyce Spots on Lips

Also referred to as Fordyce granule, Fordyce’s spot or Fordyce spots is a harmless skin condition characterized by the appearance of tiny, white bumps which are typically painless and somewhat elevated. It has been named after the American skin expert John Addison Fordyce. Fordyce spots can occur on different parts of the body, which include […]

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