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Lumbosacral Neuritis

The condition of inflammation or irritation of nerves occurring in lumbar area vertebra is known as lumbosacral neuritis. The lower back region consists of L1 to L5 vertebral bones, the sacrum, and a big bone (which connects the pelvis to the spinal column) at spine’s lower end. The fibers or nerve root of any of […]

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Swollen Tonsils with White Spots

Tonsils are small lymphoid glands located at the back section on either side of the throat. It acts like a filter and hold back bacteria, viruses, and other germs and thus helps prevent infection. The tonsils play a role in producing antibodies. Entry of pathogens into the airways can cause infection resulting in swollen tonsils, […]

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Inflammation of the Liver

Inflammation of the liver causes mild to severe symptoms that may appear suddenly or develop gradually. A person with an inflamed liver experiences various symptoms, which include general malaise, tiredness, weakness and jaundice. It is also common for a patient to experience gastrointestinal symptoms. An inflamed liver could aggravate into a more serious, life-threatening condition […]

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