Recurring Boils - Causes, Treatment, Complications

Recurring Boils

Recurring boils are a typical skin condition that can mess up your look completely. They are generally pus filled infected lumps on the skin that occur on a recurrent basis. Today almost everyone gets such boils that is ruining their skin and their outward appeal to the masses. Most of the people drain the pus out of the boil with an intention of curing it. However adequate antibiotics should be used for this purpose. If the boils are recurring, then taking the help of a good skin specialist to know the exact cause would not be a bad idea at all.

What are boils?

Boils are also called furuncle and generally appear due to the infection of a hair follicle. This is common as most of our skin is covered with tiny hairs that develop out of hair follicles. Staphylococcus aureus is a type of germ which is mainly known to cause boils. Boils are mostly tender and are red in colour. They might even cause damage to the surrounding skin and might also inflame them.

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The boils mostly comprise of a thick infected fluid called pus at the centre. The pus is mostly white in colour.


Most of the people are curious as to where do boils mostly develop or in whom do they develop. Read on to know more about the same.

Boils mostly tend to appear in tender places and on sweaty skins. However they are mostly spotted in hairy areas of the skin or where the skin undergoes a lot of friction too. The common areas where boils occur are face, armpit, neck, buttocks and around the anus. However a recurring boil in the ear is the most painful among all.

A recurring boil is hard to be pre-detected as it can occur in anyone at any age. It is rarely found in children and is mostly found in teenagers and youth adults.

Other causes that might cause a boil:

  1. Extremely overweight or obese people develop boils on a regular basis.
  2. Various skin conditions that force you to scratch and damage the skin such as eczema or scabies may also result in boils.
  3. Staying in an unclean manner might also result in recurring boils.
  4. A weak immune system is among other causes.
  5. Over exposal to bacterial agents is also a known cause.

These are some other conditions and causes that mostly results in a skin boil.

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  1. If you have a small boil then do not worry too much as they might subside by themselves. However you can ease the suffering by protecting it with a flannel soaked in Luke warm water.
  2. However if you have a recurring larger boil you might consider getting the infected pus out of the boil as a precautionary measure. You can visit a doctor to do this as he might use sterilised syringes to get it out the right way.
  3. The doctor might even put you on a course of antibiotics to keep away infections of the drained pus.

These are the common treatments available for a recurring boil.

Risks if not treated

There are plenty of serious complications that you may incur if you don’t get a recurring boil treated in time. If not treated the boil might become larger and the amount of fluid (infected pus) inside the boil also increases. After a week or so the boil might burst itself up resulting in the pus affecting other parts of the body. The surrounding skin tends to fade away due to this and it might even result in a scar that would last for life time. Sometimes the germs from the infected boil might even get into your blood stream and cause infections on other parts of your body.

Now that you know the possible risks that a recurring boil involves, get it treated immediately with some professional help.

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