Pimple Inside Nose

Pimple Inside Nose

While acne is a very common skin problem usually affecting the face but unfortunately pimples inside the nose can be extremely uncomfortable. Touching the acne inside of the nose repeatedly may make it more sensitive upon contact, and prevent the sores from healing. However with the help of basic hygiene and lifestyle changes, one can reduce and even effectively remove this irritating condition.

Pimples inside the nose are not similar to the ones on the other parts of the skin. It is caused as a result of a condition called folliculitis that occurs due to infection of hair follicles inside the nostrils. It is largely a result of bacterial imbalance triggered by a number of factors. Prolonged use of acne medications can cause folliculitis as these antibiotics give birth to harmful bacteria in the nose further proliferating it. However stopping the antibiotics reduces the infection to an extent.

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However terming it as just acne would be overlooking it. Acne occurring on the nose or inside the nose reflects underlying problems in the body system. The ones that are a little closer to the nose and to the eyes might be a cause of improper functioning of the liver. It could also indicate stress, restlessness and insomnia.

Types of nose acne

Big Pimple on the Nose

Big pimples on nose can end up scarring but if properly handled they will disappear in no time. Being the most conspicuous treating them in the most subtle way as soon as they pop up is extremely important.

Pimple on Nose Tip

Pimples on a nose’s tip are quite discernible too. They can become more red, big and painful if not taken care of on time. Considering its difficult to conceal them it is essential to know how to get rid of them.

Pimple in Nose

Pimples inside the nose often occur due to ingrown hairs. These tiny hairs sometimes get stuck under the surface skin and that might feel irritating and also lead to infection because of the moisture inside the nose. If one leaves them untreated, it can cause inflammation and scarring. In order to avoid it, it is should ideally be treated without any delay after they appear. However the pimples that are in the nose are more difficult to be taken care of due to the location and also could possibly take few days to get better. It is thus important to be careful and time bound to have proper treatment, healing and look for long term benefit solutions.

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Cystic Pimples:

Cystic pimples can be due to enlargement or swelling of hair follicles causing excessive pain. This trauma damages Sebaceous glands by blocking the skin cells. It further builds up inflammation of skin causing cystic pimples.

Major causes

Nose Picking: Frequently inserting the fingers into the nose can be one major reason of pimples inside the nose since nerve endings are sensitive and can be easily damaged. This causes scratches and damaged capillaries which reproduce themselves in the form of painful pimples if left without treatment.

Hair Removal: Using scissors to trim hair inside the nose could cause tiny nicks. These further get prone to being infected and pop out as a pimple if not removed. Growing hair follicles also multiply thus blocking the pores and causing pimples. In order to heal it the hair has to be removed till the process ends.

Environmental irritants: Too many chemical irritants and dust particles in the air can easily be soaked up in the lining of the nose that will eventually lead to pimples after a few hours of being exposed.

How to Get Rid of Pimple in Nose

Though there are hardly any quick remedies but a few techniques could be of help to decrease their prominence and can be adopted in not only in an economical but a healthy way.

The affected area has to be kept clean with warm and preferably filtered water. Also mild facial cleansers with minimum possible chemicals can be used to wash away the unnecessary oil and dirt particles around it. Doing so will reduce this accumulation, making the skin less vulnerable making the skin dry and clean and also be ready to prevent popping out of this problem.

Also one should avoid touching the affected area since hands contain bacteria. When we squeeze and pick the bacteria spreads to other parts. Applying medical ointments, ice on the acne area and keeping the hands sanitized will be helpful as well.

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