Pain on Right Side under Rib Cage

Pain on Right Side under Rib Cage

If you are experiencing pain under the rib cage, then you must be thinking what the actual cause behind this pain is. You may get mild pain and then gradually it may get into severe pain. You may feel discomfort for doing simple tasks. There are many causes for this pain.  Sometimes we feel pain when we change the posture. The rib cage is essential for securing the cardiovascular system and there are many other organs that are situated just under the right rib cage. You may be feeling pain because of those organs. There can be various reasons and here we are discussing a few of them.


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The gallbladder is situated in the upper right side of the liver. And gallstones develop in the gallbladder. This can be the main reason behind the pain. It has been seen that gallbladder pain is not experienced in the initial stage, but when the stones are developed to the bigger size then you may get acute pain. If the stone is not removed surgically on time, then the stones may block the passage for urine to pass and you may get severe pain, vomiting, nausea and fever. And sometimes the heart rate is also increased.


Injury may be another reason for the pain on the right side under rib cage. It happens sometimes that you have injured your right rib cage and you don’t even know about it. After going through medical tests you may come to know that there is an injury in your right rib cage. Although, it can get cured gradually but in severe cases you must take proper treatment as advised by the doctor.

Liver Problems

Another common reason behind the pain on the right side under rib cage can be due to liver problems. There are many diseases such as congestive heart failure, fatty liver, cancer, hepatitis, cysts in the liver that can cause pain. It can be very helpful if the any problem in the liver is caught in the early stages so that you don’t have to face severe problems later on.


When there is an inflammation in the muscles of cartilage, which is holding the ribs to the breast bone. When the cartilage is inflamed then you may get severe pain. The symptoms can lead to viral infections, fever, fatigue and excessive coughing.

Too Much Gas

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When you eat excessively, it becomes difficult for your body to digest food, then your stomach will release too much of acid and gas. This can be the reason for the pain in the right side of the rib cage. When the gas is not released then it gets trapped in the various parts of the body and then it can cause pain.

Other Special Cases

This can be seen in the women that they experience the size of the uterus and breasts have started increasing during the time of pregnancy. This also causes many hormonal changes and due to these reasons, there is a pain. In many cases, the pain is considered to be normal, but your doctor should know about this type of pain so that he can diagnose it to get some relief. Other special reasons for the pain under rib cage can due to dehydration and when you have breathing problems.

Treatment for  pain under right rib cage

There can be any reason for your pain beneath the right rib cage, but this can be cured easily if detected at the proper time. Some of the best ways are as under to rid of the pain.

Take Medical Help- You must go the doctor for a checkup and tell your problem. When you will go through tests, then the cause of the pain will be revealed. Your doctor will prescribe some medicines and you will surely get relief from the pain.

Change In Lifestyle- When you follow the wrong lifestyle and eat excessively, which causes pain. This can be avoided by following a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy and in right quantity, so that your stomach can digest food easily. Simple change in your diet can solve the problem.

Surgery- In severe cases like stones in gallbladder and Costochondritis, will need a surgery. When this is done successfully then you will get rid of the pain.

There are many reasons for the pain under the right rib cage. Mostly the pain can be cured easily. Many times you get pain for a few minutes and then after a few minutes there is no pain at all. In this case, there is nothing to worry about. But if the pain does not go or you have some medical issues with your health, then you must tell your doctor. You must tell each and every symptom of your pain to the doctor, so that he can diagnose you in a better way.

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