Pain on Left Side Under Rib Cage - Causes

Pain on Left Side under Rib Cage

If you are feeling pain under your left rib cage, then this must be because you got an injury or met with an accident. The pain under the left rib cage is a common thing. But there are many reasons behind the pain. It is essential for you to know the reason behind your pain. The reason can serious one or there may be nothing to worry at all. Just look at the reasons below, so that you know it better to start your treatment and get relief from the pain as soon as possible.

Kidney Stones

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Kidney stones are another cause for having pain in the right side of rib cage. Initially the pain starts from the back of your body, and then slowly and gradually goes to the front side. If you too have such kind of pain then you must go to the doctor at once. The doctor will be able to give proper treatment after diagnosing the problem.


When the pancreas is inflamed in the human body, then this condition is known as Pancreatitis. In such cases, the patient suffers from pain which is sometimes medium and sometimes severe, under the left side of the rib cage. Apart from this symptom the patient may get a fever, vomiting and nausea. It has been seen that the pain is shifted to the back side of the body. Drinking and eating may turn to make the condition of the patient worse.

Spleen Damage

The organ, which is located on the upper part of the stomach, is called spleen. Spleen regulates and filtrate the red blood cells, when you have an enlarged spleen, then you may experience severe pain under the left rib cage. Sometime the pain starts slowly and then it shifts to the shoulders and back of the body. If you are suffering from eplenomegaly, leukemia or asplenia then you should at once go to the doctor, if you get the pain under the left rib cage.

Respiratory Disorders

If you are having pain under the left rib cage, then it may be due to a disorder in the lungs. There will be inflammation in the linings of the lungs, which cause many complications like lung cancer, respiratory infections, pleural effusion, tuberculosis and penumothorax etc. These complications are always related to the pain under the left rib cage. The condition of a person gets worse when he starts coughing.

Heart Attack

If you have pain under your left rib cage, then you should never ignore this condition because many times the pain on the left side may be due to heart attack. In this condition, you must visit your doctor for a thorough check up. There is a lot of risk if you have pain in the left side of rib cage.

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Overeating is the basic cause for indigestion. When you eat food excessively then your body and your digestive system find difficult to digest food properly. The digestive system works very slowly to digest the food and thus due to this condition, the gas is formed and are trapped in the colon. The trapped gases create pressure to the digestive system and then due to this pressure there is a pain in the right side of the rib cage.

Acid Reflux

When you take an excess of acidic beverages and food, then the acid is built up in the stomach and this is also responsible for heartburn. This condition is also called as acid reflux. When there is heartburn the patient also gets severe pain in the thorax. In this condition also you must visit to the doctor because you may get confused with acid reflux and heart attack.

Rib Damage

When you met with an accident or with an injury the rib may be broken, this causes severe pain in the rib cage. When the patient’s rib is broken, then he is not able to move or do any regular work. This causes lots of discomfort and pain. It has been seen that the causes of the rib damage are also caused by the external trauma.


The condition is very much similar to the condition of indigestion where the gases are trapped. In this state the patient experience pain in the left rib cage because air is trapped under the lungs and ribs. Due to this, the lungs get collapse because the lung membrane gets rupture.

There are various reasons for the pain in the left rib cage, but this should not be avoided by you if you experience. You must take medical help at once, so that the reason is diagnosed properly. In severe cases, you may need a surgery, but if you have common causes, then you can easily take medication that has been prescribed by your doctor and get rid of this pain..


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