Itchy Rash on Back - Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Itchy Rash on Back

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Itchy rash on the back is often a discomforting condition. These are usually skin inflammation that appears on human back. Itchiness and discomfort are two common occurrences noticed when a person is affected with the condition. However, in some cases rashes on the back can be extremely painful. Most people also complain about reddened skin and appearance of bumps on the affected region of the back. The condition can also alter the texture of the afflicted skin region. Some itchy back rashes may affect only a particular region on the back while some may spread to several spots or also to other body parts. These rashes can affect the daily activities as they cause painful stinging sensation. There are various causes of itchy rash on back which are discussed in this article.

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Heat Rash

Heat Rash is kind of type of rash that can cause irritation due to body overheating. Production of too much sweat due to hot climate can cause the ducts of sweat to become obstructed. It is this trapped sweat in the duct that leads to heat rashes. Health rashes are also technically referred to as prickly rashes. This type of rash is commonly recorded in babies. People dwelling in hot and humid region as well as people who wear tight fitting clothes are also at risk of developing heat rash as their perspiration becomes hindered. The appearance of heat rash or prickly rash is red blisters which initially occurs on upper chest and neck and metastasize to other parts of the body.


Measles is a viral infection. This condition is spread by even inhaling the minute droplets coughed-out or sneezedo0ut by the affected individual. Four or fives days after exposure to the virus, the newly affected individual may develop symptoms such as itchiness, redness or inflamed region on the skin. Rashes caused due to measles may originate from the head and later spread to other regions in the body. In mouth, development of red spots with white colored center is also recorded in some cases. These rashes caused due to measles are not always itchy.


Mononucleosis is another factor that may cause itchy rash on back. This is again a viral infection which is often referred to as “kissing disease”. This contagious condition is usually transferred to an unaffected person through saliva or salivary contact.  Symptoms of this condition includes throat sore, head pain, fever, dizziness, itchy rashes on the back, reduced appetite and ache in muscles. The rash in this condition may develop if takes amoxicillin or ampicillin to deal with throat sore.

Fish Skin Disease

Fish skin disease is also technically known as Ichthyosis Vulgaris. This is a skin disorder which occurs usually due to familial genetic influence. The condition often leads to additional symptoms such as scaly as well as dry skin. Other signs noticed under affliction of this condition include skin dryness, mild itchy rash on back and skin thickening in some cases. Though the condition is hereditary and passed in the family, it can also be acquired from another affected individual which is considered to be a more serious case. These rashes and scales on the skin can be noticed during childhood and in most cases they ebb away during teenage; however, these signs may recur during old age.

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Dermatitis is a condition which is characterized with inflammation of the skin. Under this condition red itchy rashes may appear on the skin. These rashes often occur due to trigger for example brushing past any poisonous plant such as poison ivy, oak, etc. Rash may be caused due to poor blood circulation, wherein veins of leg cannot supply blood back to the heart properly. This causes retention of fluid and rashes may erupt on the body including your back.


Chickenpox is an illness which is caused by varicella zoster virus. It starts with appearance of pink rashes all around the body. Within next 12 hours these rashes may convert into blisters which are often itchy and filled with fluid. Chickenpox rash may not only occur on the back but all over the body. In some cases people may have these rashes appearing only on some parts of the body.

Treatment for itchy rash on back

Itchy rash on back treatment would significantly depend on the cause of the condition. Since there are dissimilar condition the treatment would be accordingly focused and with alleviation of the condition the rashes may disappear.  In case if you are suffering from itchy rash due to heat or prickly rashes then switching to a cold and less humid temperature would help considerably. The body part that is affected with rash should be kept dry by dusting talcum powder or specific talc available for heat rashes. You should drink a lot of water and avoid going out in hot weather. In case of babies, you should keep their body cool and do not apply any ointment as it only worsens the condition.

In case if rash on back may appear due to measles one can obtain some relief by reducing friction as mush as possible by wearing loose clothes. One can also use anti-itch medications or other products that may be helpful. It is said that oatmeal bath can provide relief from itchiness. Rash on the back or other parts of body occurring due to Mononucleosis can be a sign of anomalously low platelet count. In such case you should consult your doctor. There is not treatment yet that can cure Ichthyosis vulgaris but rashes occurring due to this condition can be treated using specific ointments and creams as well as effective moisturizers. These solutions can be applied on the affected region after shower.

Itchy rash on back occurring due to dermatitis can be treated by eradicating the allergy source.  Corticosteroid skin application can be used tropically to reduce the irritation and itchiness. In some cases antibiotics are suggested by the doctor to reduce itching. Similarly chickenpox can also be treated using antibiotics which is the general treatment for the condition in severe cases. For other situations natural remedies such as oatmeal bath, avoiding gluten, etc can help.

In most people appearance of itchy rash on back is not a matter of concern. However, it is crucial to ensure that it is not a serious condition. This can be done by consulting a doctor immediately and undergoing diagnosis. It is beneficial to consult a doctor to rule out the causing factor as rashes may also appear due to serious condition. One of the most dreadful conditions wherein rashes may appear includes HIV. HIV rashes may appear like normal rashes but are indication of a serious underlying disease. Hence, it is wise to meet your doctor and get yourself diagnosed if you experience itchy rash on back.

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