How to get rid of skunk smell?

How to Get Rid Of Skunk Smell?

Skunk smells are one of the major problems in your house. It has no permanent solution, but you can get rid of it by following the below mentioned process regularly.

Open Windows

Natural sunlight is very important to get rid of skunk smell. Opening of windows will let the room odor go out and allow some fresh air to come in. This helps in replacing contaminated air in the house. Sunlight also neutralizes the bad smell of fabrics. Remember, direct exposure of sunlight to towels, blankets and clothes is better than dryer.

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 Run Fans

To keep the air circulating in your room turn on the fans. This will not allow the skunk smell to sink deeper in the fabrics. It is suggested to open the windows too with the fans turned on. This will help in getting rid of the skunk smell faster.

Change Air-Condition, Heater Filters

Before treating your rooms for skunk smell change the air filters of heater and air-condition. Do the same even after completing the process. Usually the skunk smell clings to the filters and hence the smell will not go away completely. It will contaminate the air again.

Clean Carpets, Wash Removable Fabrics Regularly

Clean the curtains and other hard-to-wash fabrics with wet vacuum and put fabrics like towels, blankets and clothes in washing machine regularly. Remember, hot water is better for cleaning these fabrics. Also, for curtains the steam cleaners work better than wet vacuums.

Use Air Deodorizers

Good room fresheners or deodorizers help in removing skunk smell too. Also, you can look for special “de-skunking” sprays from the market for the purpose. These remove the skunk smell instead of just emitting a strong perfume like ordinary fresheners.

Use Hydrogen Peroxide, Baking Soda

Take one liter of hydrogen peroxide and mix it with about 60 ml of baking soda along with 5 ml of dish detergent or liquid laundry detergent. If the skunk smell is too deep you can raise the quantity of baking soda to about 125 ml and soap to 15 ml. The mixture will help in removing skunk smell from your dog. Remember, do not store the mixture and also do not close the container as it forms high pressure gas.

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You can clean the contaminated skin of your dogs and other pets by dipping a washcloth in the solution and scrubbing the pet. You can also use the solution to scrub your body. It is absolutely safe for human skin. However, keep it away from eyes and other sensitive areas.

Hydrogen, Warm Water Mixture

Mix hydrogen and warm water in 1:6 ratios and use this solution to deodorize clothing and other fabrics. However, it is suggested not to use the solution on delicate fabrics.

 Hydrogen Peroxide Solution

Take diluted hydrogen peroxide solution like the one mentioned above and soak your clothes in it for about two hours. Once soaked perfectly take out the clothes and wash it in washing machine in a normal process like other fabrics.

Add Baking Soda To Wash

Many people don’t feel comfortable soaking the clothes in hydrogen peroxide solution. If this is the case with you too, just add half cup of baking soda to the washing machine first and then start the washing cycle in it.

Note: You can add the baking soda to the clothes which are treated with the hydrogen peroxide solution too.

 Vinegar Solution

Make a solution of vinegar and warm water in 1:5 ratios and soak the clothes in it before putting it to washing machine for wash. Remember, synthetic and delicate fabrics won’t give good result.

Place Vinegar Liquid Bowls Around The House

This is one of the best techniques if you don’t know from which point in the house the smell is coming. Place bowls with vinegar around the house. Much of the skunk smells of the house will be absorbed by the vinegar in about 24 hours.

Note: Put the bowls on high shelves if there are children or pets in the house.

Bleach Water

Make a mixture of bleach and warm water in the ratio of 1:16 in a bucket. Use the solution to clean counters, kitchen floors, decks, car tires and other hard surfaces which are contaminated. Remember, the solution is not good for carpets and upholstery type of materials or fabrics as bleach may stain those. Also, do not use the mixture on clothes.

Note: Use rubber cleaning gloves to protect your hands from the bleach.

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