How to get rid of skunk smell?

How to get rid of skunk smell?

People living in skunk-infested regions often have to deal with problems of skunk odor. Stinky skunk smell can persist in the house for weeks and even months. It is therefore vital to get rid of the nauseating skunk smell as soon as possible.Discussed below are the varied ways in which you can get rid of skunk smell.

The skunk and its smell

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The stinky spray of the skunk is used as a defense mechanism by the animal to protect itself and/or its offspring from any kind of danger or perceived threat. The spray is squirted out from 2 glands occurring on either side of its anus.

The unbearable smell of skunk spray can be attributed to the presence of chemicals known as thiols. Its awful odor can be characterized as a combination of the smells of rotten eggs, garlic, and burnt rubber. The horrible cocktail of a spray can be sprayed by the skunk to nearly 15 feet away and its smell can be detected up to nearly a mile away.

Skunk smell usually clears out on its own. However, if the house has been sprayed on directly or from a close range, then it will become necessary for you to take steps to get rid of the skunk smell. Not doing so will make the living conditions completely unbearable.

How to get rid of skunk smell?

Follow the measures given below to get rid of skunk smell from your house or a business establishment.

Aerate the office or the house: It is the first step that all owners need to take. Switch on all the fans and open all the windows. This will offer proper ventilation and help get rid of skunk smell from the house.

Clean using a hydrogen peroxide solution: Use a hydrogen peroxide mixture to clean the walls and floor of the house.

o Take a bucket and prepare the solution using baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and dish washing soap. The quantity and size of the solution to be prepared is dependent on the area that needs to be cleaned of skunk smell. Stir and allow some time for the solution to mix fully. This mixture is capable of dissolving the skunk oil which is the main cause of the terrible odor.

o Pour the mixture into spray bottle or any other similar item that is easily portable.Go around the house and spray it on items and areas which elicit the skunk smell. It is best to spray more than less. In case, only some objects in the house are affected by the skunk smell, then take those items outside the house and clean them.

Use a vinegar solution: It is another effective way to get rid of skunk smell. The vinegar solution can be prepared using 1 part vinegar and 3 parts of warm water. Spray it around the house to remove the skunk smell.

Use chlorine powder: If the area outside the house is affected by skunk smell, then you may use a mixture of 1 cup of agricultural lime and a gallon of chlorine beach and then spray it on the affected areas. You may also use chlorinated lime water purchased from a drug store.  It is important to use gloves, take lots of precautions, and be extra careful when using this solution as it is very caustic and can cause burns on clothes, skin, grass, etc.

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Commercial products to get rid of skunk smell: There are many products available in the market that break down the oil and help get rid of skunk smell from the house. They can be purchased as aerosols or in the liquid form. They can be used around the house, on drapes, furnishings, etc.

o You can wash affected clothes in diluted lukewarm water mixed with a de-greaser. This will remove the skunk oil and smell. It is essential to send affected carpets to professional carpet cleaners who will steam clean them to remove the skunk smell.

Skunk control: If a skunk has made your house its home, then you may either seek professional help or try to get rid of the animal on your own.

o Take a mesh bag, put several moth balls in it, and tie it using a long string. Then dump it at the place where you think the skunk has taken up residence. You may also use cloth rags soaked in ammonia. If you are not sure about the hiding place of the skunk, then place the mesh bag or the ammonia rags at 5 to 6 different places around the house. The smells will definitely make the unwanted guest leave your house on its own.

 . Changing of air filters: The air filters in the AC and the furnace will need to be changed. This is because the skunk smell may get trapped in the filters and allow the terrible odor to linger about the house. Changing the filters will decrease the circulation of the skunk smell and help get rid of it.


How to get rid of skunk smell from pets?

Pets, especially dogs, are curious animals. Your dog may get sprayed by a skunk when it tries to investigate the creature. Follow the steps given below to get rid of skunk smell from your pet.

  • The first step is to take the pet out of the house and then immediately start the cleansing process, else the skunk smell may linger on your dog forever.
  • Prepare the hydroxide peroxide solution in relevant ratios. Wear a pair of rubber gloves and wash the pet while the solution is still foamy. In case the skunk smell is very strong then add some vinegar to the mixture when preparing it.
  • Apply the foamy solution on your pet’s fur and ensure that it reaches the skin. Keep massaging for about 10 minutes. Take care and make sure that the solution does not reach your pet’s eyes as it can cause a lot of pain.
  • Wait for 10 minutes and then wash and dry. Repeat the process if the skunk smell persists. At the end, your pet may end up smelling like vinegar. You may then wash with a conditioner or a shampoo.
  • When bathing your pet, check the skin, eyes, etc. for skunk bites or any reactionor irritation that the skunk spray may have caused. Visit a vet if your pet is uncomfortable.
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