How To Get Rid Of Period Cramps?

How To Get Rid Of Period Cramps?

Period cramps are one of the major problems among women. The cramps are also very painful. Taking medicine always is not good. There are several other ways too apart from the medicine. Here, in this article we will discuss both ways, getting rid of period cramps with the help of medicine and also without the need of taking medicine. Remember, there are myths associated to with period cramps. We will discuss those too in the below mentioned ways.

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NSAIDs Will Bring Immediate Pain Relief

Your doctor may prescribe one of the brands of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) from several available in the market for effective against pain caused by period cramps. Few of the top brands are Genpril, Advil and IBU-200. Generic brands are also available over the counter (OTC) named as Ibuprofen, which may be less expensive. Take the drug as per the instructions of weight and age mentioned in its label. However, never take beyond 1600mg of it in a 24 hour period, if not otherwise advised by your physician.

Remember, pre-existing medial conditions may make you sensitive to this drug. Also, Midol and few other similar products may cause damage to your kidney, though it is an effective alternative to Ibuprofen.

Heat Treatment

Usually this is recommended during menstrual cramps. Heat easily gives relief from such pains fast and it also helps in subsidizing the cramps naturally. Apply hot water bottle or rubber bag over your lower abdomen for about twenty minutes and you will notice the cramps have gotten better and pain has also been almost vanished. If this process does not result positive in your case, take a hot water bath mixed with a cup of Epsom salts.

Take note: Epsom salts are a mild muscle relaxer.

Take Your Vitamins

Proper and right type of vitamins is very much necessary for your body couple of days before the period is to begin. 500 International Units (IU’s) of vitamin E is suggested to be taken before the period starts and continue it through first couple of days of the menstrual flow. It is also said taking fish oil supplements, vitamin B1 and B6 helps in getting rid of period cramps

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Exercise Regularly

It has been proven that regular exercise can result in less menstrual pain. About 30 minutes walk is enough if you are not able to do moderate exercise.

Avoid Xenoestrogens And Phytoestrogens

There is no strong link found between period cramps with xenoestrogens and phytoestrogens, but experts still suggest avoiding it if possible. Both may cause health risk in some cases.

Note: The xenoestrogens and phytoestrogens causes deficiencies of vitamin B and magnesium, and hence results in cramps.

Consult a Doctor About Birth Control Pills

There are pills that can cause menstrual cycles in every three months and not in every 28 days, as it is suppose to be in healthy women. If the periods are putting you on your back, you can consult your doctor for such special version of pills. You will thereafter experience periods in three months interval, but you may get some unexpected spotting in between. Usually if anyone gets painful periods the doctor recommends such birth control pills.

Consult a  Doctor For Injectable Contraception

Several women also opt for injectable contraception if they experience period cramps. It is done at the doctor’s office and it is seen in many cases the bleeding is reduced after using it for about six months.

Note: In both the above cases the pill or the injectable contraception thin out the uterine lining and hence reduces the chance of significant shedding and also chance of contractions.

Consult a Doctor about Hormonal Intrauterine Device (IUD)

Your doctor may suggest you about using IUD, which is another form of contraception. It significantly helps in reducing the pain occurred from the period cramps.

Some other helpful tips to get rid of period cramps

(i) Always remember, taking proper rest reduces pain naturally. Lie down with your stomach down and raise your both feet. A 20-minute such rest will reduce the period cramps pain too.

(ii) Stretch gently. For a targeted stretch you can also try sphinx pose.

(iii) Do not consume alcohol and smoke cigarettes. Both are not good for women health. Both also affects period for many women.

(iv) Either ask someone or do it yourself. Gently massage abdomen or lower back. This will also result in reducing the period pains.

10. Seek medical help, if nothing works

It is highly suggested to visit a doctor if you are really worried more than others or if not a single above mentioned tips help out. It is seen sometimes even dysmenorrhea may cause period cramps. So, visiting your doctor is better than anything else.

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