How to get rid of migraines fast?

How to get rid of migraines fast?

Migraine can be extremely debilitating and may need medical intervention as compared to common headaches. Migraine once affected, can be difficult to deal with. Most people take this condition lightly considering it as occasional head-pain. However, migraine is not just a normal head pain but also a neurological disorder which is mostly inherited. Every patient affected with this condition has some trigger. For, example, in some it may get triggered due to food, gastric, stress, inappropriate sleep, etc. Migraine is often aggravated due to extreme light and/or sound. Remember that margarine is one of the most painful headaches.  The pain caused due to this condition can be one sided but excruciating and may last from 3 hours to days. It is better to prevent migraine than trying to treat it later.

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Causes of Migraine

There were many studied intended to find the cause of migraine. However, there are no concrete studies that could exactly explain about cause of migraine. The cause of migraine may vary according to individuals. However, there are certain factors that are determined to be trigger of migraine.

  • Stress
  • Excessive sleep or sleep deprivation
  • Excessive consumption of caffeine
  • Menstruation
  • Hormonal fluctuation
  • Long stressful journeys
  • Smoking
  • Certain foods
  • Alcohol

Experts also hypothetically explain that migraine can be hereditary. It may be passed from parents to a child, if either of the parents is suffering of migraine.

How to get rid of a migraine fast


It is widely believed that best treatment for migraine is to prevent it. One should try to stop the migraine before it even starts. Migraine can be prevented best when action are taken faster. Thus it is crucial to recognize initially signs and symptoms of migraine attack, which is basically mild pain that aggravates later. When you experience any such changes, do not panic and be relaxed as anxious and worry can worsen the condition.

Caffeine fix

Caffeine is paradoxical when it comes to migraine. To your information, caffeine can trigger as well as relieve migraine. However, it may possibly aggravate the pain as well, hence better to go with other possible options.

Fast relieve medicines

When migraine has just started, consider taking medicine such as ibuprofen, NSAIDs, pain killers, etc, in safe measure. This will help in reducing pain and prevent migraine attack at its earliest stage. After taking medicine, find yourself a quiet and dark place to relax. This is because migraine can aggravate if you are exposed to light and sound. Avoid performing any task on your computer as light emitted through computer screen may intensify the pain.

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Sun rays

Migraine headache may also get triggered if you are exposed to too much sunlight. Thus you should always carry your sunglasses if you suffer from episodic migraine attacks. This will reduce your chances of having sun-light associated migraine attack.

Lifestyle changes
You may also have to alter your lifestyle to make migraine attacks less frequent and mild. Healthy diet and regular exercises can help. Meditation or Yoga poses can also be adopted to reduce complications associated with the issue. There are other techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy and biofeedback that can help in controlling such headaches. In biofeedback technique, an expert connects electrodes to patients head in order to record tension and relaxation of the muscles. This will help you to recognize triggered state as well as ability to control them.

Behavioral therapy is another way to control the condition as it helps the patient learn relaxation techniques such as meditation. Average behavioral therapy reduces 55% of headache issue. It may take a few sessions for most people to learn behavioral therapy.


There are various supplements that can be used to prevent headache. Different options can work for different individuals; hence, one may have to try several supplements before you find the one which is more effective.  There are many such supplements including petasites root, vitamin B2, coenzyme Q10, magnesium, etc which are said to be beneficial in controlling migraine headache.


If migraine is severe and you suffer from several debilitating migraine attacks a month, then you should consult your doctor. A doctor will suggest you medical regimen that can help in avoiding migraine attacks or at least reduce its frequency.

Beta-blockers are medicine which can help prevent headache as they help in improving blood flow. Since epilepsy and migraine are resulted due to similar reactions in the brain, anti-seizure medicines may also help in preventing migraine. Tricyclic anti-depressant medicine may be beneficial as they can regulate serotonin level in the brain. It is believed that serotonin may contribute to cause migraine. It is also reported that Botox injections are permitted to be used in people suffering with chronic migraine. This is possibly suitable as Botox injections can influence facial nerves, which may play a role in migraine.

There are several other techniques which are suggested to relieve migraine pain. Different people may benefit from different techniques. One can also go for head massage which may relieve pain for some people. Acupuncture is one traditional method which is believed to be helpful in abating influences of migraine.

A doctor is the best person you instruct you on how to control migraine. Hence, if you are suffering from migraine then consult your doctor immediately. The best way to deal with migraine is to understand your triggers that stimulate headache. You should try to avoid these triggers to avert occurrence of migraine attack.

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