Foamy Urine - Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Foamy Urine – Causes

Foamy urine may cause a concern in people who notice it while urinating, but this is a common occurrence. However, there are several factors including general reasons and anomalous conditions that may cause foam in urine. There may simple factors such as forceful or accelerated urination which generally generates bubbles to appear which seems like foam. Otherwise, urine that takes a foamy appearance consistently may indicate presence of high protein in urine or it may also signify an underlying kidney condition. It is not advised to prematurely conclude anything rather consulting a doctor is suggested.

You should also try to determine whether generation of foam due to urine is perhaps because of chemical present in toilet, such as toilet cleaner, phenyl, etc. If you suspect it is not due to any chemical and the matter is concerning you extremely then you can try urinating in a clean bowl and see whether it creates foam still. Remember that slight amount of quick vanishing bubbles are normal and experience by almost all individuals. If you continue to see foam in urine while testing in a clean container then get yourself diagnosed by consulting a doctor. The doctor may suggest urinalysis to detect and rule-out any underlying anomalies. It is better to go for a 24 hour standard urine test rather than quick dipstick method.

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Benign and standard cases of Foam in urine

Rapid flow of urine
Rapid urine flow or as aforementioned, accelerated urine flow, causes air to entangle while it contact the pot forcefully causing bubbles that appear as foam.  This happens perhaps because the bladder contracts causing forceful flow of the urine, generating foam. This type of foam often disappears in seconds.

Concentrated Urine

Dehydration of mild level such as those experienced during exercise, pregnancy etc, causes the urine to become concentrated and appear darker. This may also lead the urine to cause formation of foam. Drinking increased amount of fluid and rehydrating the body may solve the issue.

Chemicals in toilet

If the toilet is treated with any chemical such as cleaner, phenyl, etc, then combination of urine or forceful urination may cause foam to appear. Just as in case when you pour water from a height in a bucket that contains detersive.

Sometimes use of certain medication may cause the urine to form foam. Also if the semen is pushed backwards into bladder due to malfunction of bladder sphincter then it may lead to foam in urine. There are some medicines that may also lead to retrograde ejaculation.

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Concerning cause of foam in urine

Foam in urine may also appear if the protein concentration of urine is high. Usually a small amount of protein is generally present in urine but anomalously increased amount is considered to be abnormal and is technically called as Proteinuria. There are certain circumstances that may cause proteinuria such as exhaustive exercise, kidney damages, excessive consumption of supplement or other dietary products, etc. Diabetes and hypertension is considered as the most common conditions that may cause renal damages. Sometimes, even trauma toxins, medicinal side-effects, multiple myeloma, infection, amyloidosis, etc, may cause proteinuria.

Preeclampsia or Proteinuria during pregnancy

Proteinuria experienced during pregnancy may signify the occurrence of a serious condition called eclampsia. The condition may cause swollen legs, hypertension, headache etc. It is a progressive medical anomaly. The condition is also called as preeclampsia. This condition is usually experienced post 20 weeks of maternity.  This condition can also cause foam in urine; however, this condition can cause more than just foam, it can prove to be fatal.

UTI or Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary Tract infection as well as bladder infection can be used as synonyms. The bacteria enter and multiply in the bladder causing infection. The condition causes infection symptoms and can affect urine causing burning sensation. This condition also causes foam in urine, sometimes with other irregularities such as bloody urine, etc.

Kidney Irregularities

Kidney acts as a crucial filtering system for blood and is responsible for production of urine which is byproduct of purification process. Any medical condition associated with kidney may cause proteinuria and foam in urine. Common factors that may lead to such issues include diabetes, hypertension, kidney stones, renal infection, trauma, medicines and use of illicit drugs.

Possible symptoms of causes of foam in urine

If underlying factor that is causing foam in urine is renal issues that people may suffer from symptoms such as swelling of legs, queasiness, trauma, weakness and pain weakness, etc. Nausea and vomiting is also experienced if the condition is due to underlying urinary tract infection; commonly fever is also experienced. Proteinuria or preeclampsia during pregnancy may cause symptoms such as hypertension, blurred sight, headache, etc.  In any case treatment is best opted through a doctor.


In usual cases foam in urine does not need any medical intervention. However, if serious underlying anomalies are suspected then doctor would suggest diagnosis. According to the results of diagnosis the health expert would suggest treatments.

In case if foamy urine is caused due to kidney anomaly then appropriate medication is extremely crucial to treat the associated condition. In people affected with diabetes and hypertensions, doctor would suggest angiotensin receptor blockers and angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors. In case wherein the bubbles in urine are caused due to issues such as Crohn’s disease specific medical aid is not needed but it is significant to consult a doctor for guidance on the condition. Hence, if you are noticing foam in urine for over a week then try consulting your doctor.

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