Flea Bites on Humans Pictures, Symptoms, Treatment, Images

Flea Bites on Humans – Pictures, Symptoms, Treatment, Home Remedies

Flea bites cause a skin condition which is called Pulicosis. There are several species of fleas, but the condition can come from the closest flea, which is usually the cat flea. A single flea bite may even go unnoticed, and it is only after several bites that you begin to feel the effects. The itching of the skin may vary from mild to severe. In the case of severe bites; you may see adverse effects such as ulcers in the mouth and throat, erythema, restlessness, and soreness in the areas that have been bitten.  If you get these serious effects, you should see a doctor, lest the infection goers to your lymph nodes and finally the nervous system, where permanent nerve damage can occur. Excessive bites are dangerous for humans, and one should try to avoid scratching the bites so as to stop secondary infections through the broken skin.

What are the treatment options for flea bites?

Over The Counter Medication

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You can begin by washing the affected areas in warm water, and use ice to slow down the swelling. Apply an antiseptic to ward off infections. Remember to use warm water since hot water will exacerbate the itching in the affected area.

You can also try calamine lotion or hydro-cortisone cream, which are helpful in stopping the itching. Calamin has ferric oxide to control minor itching, and hydro-cortisone is a mild steroid.

You can also look for antihistamines if you are getting severe itching. If the bites itch terribly, then oral antihistamines will control the itching. Over the counter medicines such as Diphenhydramine and Tripelennamin offer quick relief for most itching. Hydroxyzine is a prescription antihistamine that you can get from your doctor, if the other two do not work out. You should try as much as you can not to scratch the affected areas.

Home remedies for flea bites 

Aloe Vera is a plant that has antibiotic and antifungal properties. You can use the gel from the leaf, or buy packed Aloe Vera gel. Tea leaves have also been found to have similar properties to Aloe Vera, and you can wash the affected site with tea. You can also apply a wet tea bag to the affected area.

You can use any of the plants that have healing properties such as basil or calendula. Basil oil can be added to a warm bath to soothe the whole skin. You can also use Echinacea, which you can add to a bath, or apply the oil directly onto the bites.

You can also take a bath in powdered oatmeal, which can be bought at any store. You can prepare it yourself, or get one that is specially prepared for a certain amount of water. Make sure that the bath water is warm, and not hot, since this would make the skin hurt more from the bites.

You can also use coconut pulp to apply to the bites. Cut up the coconut, and put the pieces into a blender. Fire up the blender and you will get a wonderful pulp. Put the pulp on the affected area and wrap it in a towel for an hour or so. Remove the towel, and repeat if the swelling has not subsided.

How can you stop flea bites?

Fleas hate the smell of citrus fruits, so you can make a citrus spray. You should slice a lemon into small pieces, and then add them to hot water. The water must be boiling, and you should let the pieces boils for a while.  You should let the resulting solution sit for a night, and in the morning put it in a spray bottle, and spray areas where you suspect the fleas to be hiding. You should also spray your body with the solution, which means that you will not be bitten, and you will smell great too.

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You can also eat a lot of garlic, since fleas do not like garlic. In fact people give their pets food that has garlic to ward off fleas. You should make your favorite meal, and add plenty of garlic and rest assured that you will not be bitten.

You can also use essential oils in order to keep fleas at bay. Use oils that have a strong acrid smell. You can apply the oils directly on your skin, but you must dilute them if they are in concentrated form. You can use olive oil to dilute concentrated essential oils.

Eucalyptus oil has a strong smell such as that of mint. Apply this onto problem areas, and the strong smell will also keep out fleas.

Lavender oil is also known to ward off fleas due to its pungent nature. You should add this into a spray bottle and spray onto problem areas.

You can also use cedar oil in the same manner, or sprinkle cedar chips on your pillow, at the base of the bed, and other areas where the smell will ward off fleas.

Flea Bites on Humans (Pictures)

Here are images of flea bites on humans


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