Fish oil for acne - Does it help?

Fish Oil for Acne

You might be confused as to how fish oil is related to acne or you might be curious of the effects that fish oil can cause. Here is an end to all your queries.


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Acne is a common beauty issue that both men and women are facing today and it is quite common all over the world. It develops in a human body when a substance known as sebum builds up gradually and combines with the dead skin cells causing the skin’s pores to clog which in turn causes infection and inflammation which is commonly recognized as acne. Sebum commonly builds up due to poor hygiene or an improper diet. People resort to chemical supplements and products to get rid of the acne. What if I told you there is a natural way of curing it. Sounds good right!

Treatment with fish oil for acne

Supplementation of omega 3 rich fish oil can help you effectively treat and cure moderate as well as severe acne conditions. It is a safe, reliable and secure way of treating acne conditions that most of the people believe. There are evidences that show omega-3 fatty acids have helped in developing skin health and reducing acne. They bring in great benefits for women who suffer from hormonal issues which in turn lead to acne.

Some researchers have proved that supplementation with omega-3 rich fish oil can reduce acne severity. However supplementation should be done based on the type of acne that they are suffering from. Unguided procedures might give you worst results.

However secure evidence exist that supplementation with fish oil helps reduce the overall severity of the acne in people who are suffering from “moderate to severe” acne. In a recent study it was found that fish oil can reduce an inflammatory acne condition by 42% and a non-inflammatory condition by 20%.

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Skin benefits from fish oil

Fish oil is highly rich in omega-3 fatty acids which are an important ingredient in the aspect of long and sustaining skin benefits. You get highly benefits from these omega-3 fatty acids as they contain antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help you treat all types of acne and even gradually reduce its severity.

However the benefits of fish oil are not restricted just to fight acne. The omega-3s that they contain have a whole lot of other health benefits. They are known and proven to reduce inflammation, blood pressure and even heart attacks. They also help you keep away many chronic diseases.

Source of omega-3s

Fish oil is a great source but other sources such as kiwi fruit, chia seeds, canola oil and flax seeds are also known to be high in omega-3 fatty acids. So if you have issues supplementing with fish try out some of these other sources.

Cons of fish oil

In some cases fish oil was found to be a great medicine for moderate and severe acne. Where as in case of mild acne conditions they seemed to have no effect and most of the times worsened the condition.

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