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Does the special k diet work?

The Special K Diet,or the Special K Challenge, is a diet plan conceptualized by cereal manufacturer Kellogg’s. It is one of the most interesting diet programs for weight loss. The diet is neither difficult nor an expensive oneto follow. Kellogg’s claims that the Special K Diet can help shed 6 pounds in 14 days, or cut down one jeans size in all adults with a BMI or Body Mass Index of more than 25.

The easy-to-follow meal plan comprises of 2 meals per day consisting of measured quantities of cereal or other Special K products, consumed along with skimmed milk. The third meal of the day can be a normal, well-balanced one. In addition to this meal plan, the dieter may intake any amounts of salads, fruits, and tea or coffee without any sugar. It is however vital to avoid following the Special K Diet for over 2 weeks.

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The Special K Diet offers only a quick fix to weight loss and cannot be taken as a permanent or a long-term solution. It also does not offer any educational data, associated workout suggestions, or views of healthcare professionals. Support and information is only available online at the Special K website, via data printed on the cereal boxes, and the Yahoo message group of Special K Diet comprising of a blog by Gabrielle Reece.

The Special K Diet aids fast loss of weight via controlled intake of snacks and 2 of the daily meals. It however does not offer any advice on the size or content of the final meal of the day. Thus, if the third meal is full of calories and fat, then the calories that you save during the day will become redundant resulting in nil weight loss in followers of the Special K Diet.

Special K products are not something extraordinary. Most of the items are everyday whole grain products that are low in protein and fullness-enhancing fiber. Followers of the Special K Diet can consider it as a short-term plan which helps lose those extra 6 pounds. You can then keep up the motivation by opting for other diet plans that include exercises and well-balanced meals.

The Special K Diet: Meal plans

Presented below is an example of the different meal plans in a Special K Diet program:

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  • Breakfast: It includes 1 serving or 45 grams of Special K cereal mixed with 2 to 3 cups of skimmed or semi-skimmed milk, and some fruits/fruit juices without sugar, or tea/coffee without added sugar.
  • Lunch: Take the same meal you had for breakfast, or go for a Special K Protein meal bar.
  • Dinner: There are no recommendations. Go for a normal balanced meal consisting of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, plentiful roughage, and vegetables. Take any beverage without added sugar. Completely avoid alcohol.
  • Snacks: Two snacks on a daily basis are permitted. You can go for Special K products such as cereals, bars, or snack bites; or eat raw cucumbers or carrots, tomatoes, vegetables, or fruits.

The Special K Diet is thus an economical and simple diet program that comprises of usual foods that most individuals like. You may also select from a wide range of Special K bars, shakes, cereals, and enriched waters. It is important to check the labels on the Special K bars and cereals and opt for those that have higher fiber and protein content. Also verify the serving size to ensure that you are eating the portion that is recommended.

How does  Special K Diet plan work?

The Special K Diet does indeed result in weight loss. It however works by cutting down on the daily calorie intake and is thus only a short-term option for weight loss. For example, when you consume meals with just 100 to125 calories in place of meals consisting of eggs, bacon, cheese, fries, and cheeseburgers, then you are definitely bound to lose weight. Additionally, almost all the Special K products have low calorie and fat content.

The Special K Diet is a simple diet plan that eliminates the need to choose meals and snacks. Dieters will prefer this program as it allows them the freedom to choose all the items that can be consumed during the third meal.However, due to the high-carbohydrate and ‘lowprotein and fat’ content in the Special K diet, and depending on dieters’ usual diet, followers of this program may end up feeling hungry soon after eating a meal.

Any kind of dieting usually does not result in loss of water weight during the initial weeks. The same is the case with the Special K Diet. Dieters may lose 1 to 2 pounds in the first week, but such weight loss will substantially slowdown in the following weeks.

Health care experts also do not fully advocate the Special K diet. According to them, the diet plan lacks enough fiber, proteins, vegetables, and fruits. It is also devoid of an exercise component as well as different types of sustainable/viable changes that are vital to healthy weight loss. Experts feel that the Special K Diet is good for short-term weight loss and can act as a foundation for a more balanced and exercise-friendly diet program for weight loss. It is best to consult a doctor before you start out on the Special K Diet.

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