Diarrhea after gallbladder removal

Diarrhea after gallbladder removal

Gallbladder removal is also commonly known as chloecystectomy in the medical world and this removal surgery is done by people who mostly face an issue which can also be termed as chronic diarrhea. They can be of serious threat at times. Today around 1 in a 100 people undergo this removal surgery and it was found that around 1 in 3 people develop diarrhea even after the removal. However the gallbladder surgery is highly secure and in most of the cases the diarrhea is expected to vanish. But in a few rare cases they might even last for many years post surgery. No specific cause is found for this occurrence yet.

Few of the experts consider a generic cause that diarrhea after the surgery results from bile acids that enter into the large intestine. They enter and act as laxative that results in further diarrhea related complications.

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After chloecystectomy you may consider some of these treatments to prevent further diarrhea. Your doctor might also advice you some of the below treatment procedures. Check them out.

  1. Anti-diarrheal medications that include use of loperamide (lmodium A-D).
  2. Medications such as chloestyramine or aluminium hydroxide might be prescribed as they are highly effective in absorbing bile acids.
  3. The doctor might advice you to get some additional tests done for security purposes.
  4. You should even limit foods in your diet. These are foods that might generally worsen the diarrhea. These food products include dairy products, greasy foods, oily stuffs, caffeine and very sweet foods.

These are some of the common treatment procedures that can be taken up after the surgery and most of the times they are advised by the surgeons themselves.

Symptoms of chronic diarrhea

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  1. They can cause dehydration.
  2. Electrolyte imbalance could be the first indication to notice.
  3. Constant thirst and leg cramps are followed later on.

These are the three commonly occurring symptoms that could indicate that you have chronic diarrhea.

Foods to eat

Combating diarrhea could be a tough thing at times as we cannot resist foods that rot our stomach. However most of the doctors prescribe a “BRATY” diet for this purpose. It is a popular diet which involves consumption of healthy food products.  Along with these foods you can even include some high fibre foods in your diet. Fibre helps you improve your immunity to diarrhea dramatically as they strengthen your stool to a great extent.

Preventing the agony of this condition

Pain (agony) is one of the complicated things that people face during this condition and it could be pretty hard to get rid of this pain.

Constant diarrhea could lead to your defenceless bum burning and as it is a mixture of bile and other acids they could be pretty harsh on the skin which ultimately results in some sort of a pain.

Action required

  1. Don’t even think about spicy stuff as it might burn your mouth as well as your stomach.
  2.  A bowel moment should be handled with care. Rather than wiping patting it would be ideal.
  3. In such a condition, you should improvise the affected area by using cooled pads.
  4. Consider applying certain lotions to the exasperated areas.
  5. Record every dietary change that you make and this will help you determine the right foods that you should consume every day.

Some of the best care that you can take is mentioned above. Try them out and stop the pain of chronic diarrhea right away.

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