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Dermoid cyst

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A dermoid cyst is a growth that develops on the surface of the skin and sometimes within the skin. It appears like a sac and is formed from birth. Some other structures found in the cyst are hair, skin glands, fluids, etc.The growth of dermoid cysts is usually slow. They are not tender unless they get damaged. These cysts usually develop on the face, lower back, in the interior of skull, and ovaries too. The cysts that are formed on the face are not deep and therefore it is easy to eliminate them with less difficulties. Still in rare cases of dermoid cysts medical experts should be consulted.

Symptoms of a dermoid cyst

Rare types of dermoid cysts can be removed as follows:

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  • Dermoid cysts in the brain: When dermoid cysts are formed in the brain it affects the successful functioning of the patient. Therefore one should immediatelyconsult a neurosurgeon for its removal.
  • Dermoid cysts in the ovaries: Dermoid cysts in the ovaries usually develop in a woman during the fertile years. It can cause serious problems like cancer, torsion, infections and cracks. These cysts can be treated with the help of conventional surgical methods. The medical expert may also use laparoscopy; it is a surgical treatment wherein small incisions and different medical instruments are used to gain entry into the abdomen or the pelvis.
  • Dermoid cysts in the nasal sinuses: It is a very rare case of dermoid cysts. For the removal of these type of cysts, doctors have to adopt special treatmentsbecause these cases are very complicated. One can take solace from the fact that only fewcases of dermoid cysts in the nasal sinuses are reported every year.
  • Dermoid cysts in the spinal cord: These types of cysts are also very rare. It is very hard to fully remove these kind of dermoid cysts. There isalso a greater risk of infections. Still the prognosis usually tends to be good.

When to consult a health care provider

Patients can contact a medical expert in the following cases:

  • Inflammation or pain because of dermoid cyst
  • Change in color or size of the cyst
  • In case dermoid cyst has led to disfigurement, then removal of cysts is necessary for cosmetic reasons.

Most cases of dermoid cysts do not need immediate medical treatment. Still,if the cysts get inflamed, rupture, or cause pain or fever, then one should consult the doctor immediately. The level of uneasiness or pain caused due to dermoid cyst will also establish the requirement of immediate hospitalization and care.

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Causes of dermoid cysts

  • When fetuses are formed, there may arise the possibility of the skin and other parts of the skin getting trapped.This leads to development of dermoid cysts.
  • The cells walls of these cysts are very much similar to the cell walls of the exterior surface of the skin.
  • Dermoid cysts also have other structures like skin glands, nerves, hair follicles and at times nerves, teeth or hair.


  • Patients should have the knowledge about the distinction between dermoid cysts and other growths, before getting it removed.
  • Dermoid cysts can be found from birth and its growth is very slow. Therefore it is usually detected during childhood or teenage years.
  • These cysts are solid and are not painful. But if they rupture then they may become painful.
  • They are not linked to the above portion of the skin
  • In very rare case, dermoid cysts can go deep inside the skin into other tissues like an oral cavity. In such cases CT scan and other kinds of imaging studies are used to diagnose the cyst. Yet, these tests will be carried out only if the medical expert feels that it is a case of deep-level dermoid cyst.

Treatment of dermoid cyst

It is necessary to keep in mind that one should not opt for self-care methods to remove the dermoid cysts at home. These methods do not completely remove the cysts but also increases the possibilities of its re-growth. Also, many patients do not know the distinction between harmless skin growths and dermoid cysts which require medical attention. Thus, it is advisable to avoid self-care methods for treating dermoid cysts. If these methods are used then it may lead to bleeding, infections and other medical complications. Some of the treatment methods of a dermoid cyst are as follows:

  • If the dermoid cysts are not harmful then the medical expert will fully clean the dermoid cysts and its adjoining parts and also give local anesthesia. After this the doctor will make a cut right above the cyst which will help to remove the cyst completely. It is an easy and effective treatment.
  • In rare cases of dermoid cysts, specialists have to be consulted for the appropriate treatments.
  • If the dermoid cysts are removed through surgical methods, then mostly it is easy and does not cause any unnecessary complications. Such surgeries usually result in full recovery of the patient.

Dermoid cyst pictures

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  1. Linda Smith

    Can a dermoid cyst for from an eptopic pregnancy? My daughter (age 42) had an eptopic pregnancy about 15 years ago. She recently had a dermoid cyst removed from her left ovary and she thinks this could be parts of her baby. Is that possible?

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