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Postmenopausal Spotting

Postmenopausal spotting refers to spotting or discharge of tiny specks of blood after menopause. Menopause refers to that phase in a woman life where she stops having periods or menstrual cycles.  It is not something that happens overnight, it is a gradual process over a period of time.  Though the average age of menopause is […]

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Weight Chart for Women by Age and Height

Maintaining a healthy weight not only helps boost the self-esteem but is also good for the overall health, which can then help prevent varied lifestyle-related illnesses like heart diseases, diabetes, etc.Also, abnormal weight can be indicative of disorders like thyroid dysfunction, hormonal imbalances, or other metabolic conditions. It is therefore essential to know your ideal […]

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Anteverted Uterus

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An anteverted uterus is a tipped uterus, that is, one which tilts forward. It is different from a retroverted uterus which exhibits a backward tilt. It may be noted that the uterus consists of 2 parts, the fundus or the upper area of the uterus and the lower cervix. The fundus may sometimes be larger […]

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What does Orange Period Blood Mean?

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Many women who menstruate often seek information about their period blood color and other changes. Now what is complicated is that we can’t determine one standard for different women as our bodies function differently. Some women menstruate for just 2 to 3 days and there are some other who have to bear the period cycle […]

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Why is My Period Blood Brown?

A menstrual cycle occurs monthly but depends on various emotional, physical, and hormonal factors. These factors together ensure that there is continuous supply of egg for reproduction at time of evolution. These factors work together to make sure that the endometrium is removed.  At times, some menstrual blood can remain in uterus for a couple […]

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Brown discharge after Period

Periods might not be the best biological experience for the majority of women, irrespective of how essential it is. There could be many changes that might be experienced before, after or during the menstrual cycle. One of them is a brown discharge that could be seen after periods and is a sign of variation in […]

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Leaking Amniotic Fluid

Amniotic fluid is the watery substance that surrounds the fetus growing within the uterus. The fluid prevents the walls of the uterus from closing in too tightly around the fetus, thereby allowing the baby to move relatively freely without any hindrance. It also offers the needed buoyancy to the growing fetus. The production of amniotic […]

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How soon can you take a pregnancy test?

A pregnancy test is used to determine whether a woman is pregnant or not. It works by checking for the presence of a particular hormone known as hCG or human chorionic gonadotropin, which gets secreted by the growing placenta soon after a woman experiences pregnancy.The placenta is the tissue which surrounds the growing fetus. In […]

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Healthy Pregnancy Snacks For Expectant Mothers

Eating healthy is the most essential part of pregnancy for the mother as well as the child. Especially because of the morning sickness one has to be more conscious while choosing what to eat. Usually it is neither a good idea nor really possible to have large meals during morning sickness, and that is why […]

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Symptoms of low testosterone in women

Testosterone is a type of steroid hormone from the androgen family. This sex hormone is released by the testes in men and the ovaries in women, and by the adrenal glands in both males and females. In women, testosterone has an important role to play in sensitivity towards sex. Unlike biological and anatomical changes seen […]

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