Skin Allergies | Medical Treasure - Part 3

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Boils on Inner Thigh

A boil is a painful infection of the hair follicle as well as the skin around it, and can be quite a common problem. It usually starts forming in the form of a red lump and gets accumulated with pus or skin abscess. Usually it can be taken care of at home but in severe […]

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Pimple Inside Nose

While acne is a very common skin problem usually affecting the face but unfortunately pimples inside the nose can be extremely uncomfortable. Touching the acne inside of the nose repeatedly may make it more sensitive upon contact, and prevent the sores from healing. However with the help of basic hygiene and lifestyle changes, one can […]

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How long does it take for ringworm to go away?

Ringworm is an infection of the skin by fungal organisms. The term ringworm is a misnomer as the causative organism is not a worm. This skin condition is highly contagious disease especially in children. It causes a red rash on any part of your body that resembles a ring hence the name ring worm. It […]

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Pimple on Lip

Pimple on lip can at times be painful and would need an immediate treatment.  It almost becomes inevitable to ignore it and you end up biting them knowingly or unknowingly. Moreover the person faces difficulty eating when they develop this condition. In fact it is most likely that food and spices in this case worsen […]

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Fish Oil for Acne

You might be confused as to how fish oil is related to acne or you might be curious of the effects that fish oil can cause. Here is an end to all your queries. Acne Acne is a common beauty issue that both men and women are facing today and it is quite common all […]

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Blood Pimple – What do I do about it?

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A blood pimple is a type of blister that occurs in a human body normally when the sub dermal tissues or blood vessels are damaged. In other words, it develops when you cause some sort of trauma to your skin such as itching or squeezing a pimple. This trauma causes the pimple to pool with […]

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Pimples on scalp

Just like the face, back, neck and other areas of the body, the scalp can also get affected by pimples. Scalp also consists of skin, with the only difference being that it is fully enclosed in hair. Similarly, the hair follicles on scalp also consist of oil-secreting oil glands. The eliminated oil comes onto the […]

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Sores on Scalp

Sore spots on scalp are common but curable medical condition. The sores can be caused by different things and the treatment is offered depending on the underlying cause. The sores on scalp could become crusty or flaky and the person could complain of pain when touching those sores. The sores are lesions, which occur on […]

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Also referred to as heliotrope rash, dermatomyositis is an uncommon inflammatory disorder wherein patients suffer from distinctive rashes on skin as well as muscular weakness. In the medical world, it is classified as a chronic inflammatory myopathy and regarded as 1 of three such conditions. Dermatomyositis can affect both adults and children. However, children between […]

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Allergic reaction to bee sting

A bee sting is a sting from bee which can include honeybee, sweat bee or bumblebee. It can also mean the sting of a bee, hornet, wasp or yellow jacket. Sometimes, the bite of horse fly is also included in bee sting. It is natural to avoid the stings of these species because they can […]

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