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Black Specks in Stool

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There may be a lot of information about your health gathered from just taking a look on your stool. The color, consistency, texture, form, and general appearance of stool can give some clues on the condition of gastrointestinal tract. While black specks in stool could indicate something like food you have eaten, it may also […]

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Black Stool in Adults

The color of normal stool is brown which signified presence of bile in stool. Bile is made by liver but it is concentrated and stored within the gallbladder before it is secreted into intestine where it aids in digestion of food. The stool released by adults may appear black or dark because of ingesting substances […]

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Enlarged Lymph Nodes in Chest

Lymph nodes are small glands that are bean shaped and are present throughout the body. They come under the lymphatic system that is responsible for carrying lymph fluids, essential nutrients, as well as the waste material from the body tissues to the bloodstream. This system is one of the most important parts of maintaining body’s […]

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What do White blood cells in urine mean?

White blood cells are present in the immune system to fight off infectious foreign particles entering the body. In abbreviated form, it is referred to as WBCs. The quantity of WBCs in blood helps to know the health condition of a person. These cells usually are not found in urine as urine has no blood […]

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How long does it take to get food poisoning?

Consumption of food that results in adverse reaction can lead to food poisoning. Food poisoning can therefore also be referred to as a ‘food borne condition.’ Food that contains contagious germs such as viruses, parasites, or toxins leads to unpleasant reactions after its intake. Some of the symptoms of food poisoning might be connected with […]

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White specks in stool

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White specks in stool may occur due to mild causes or severe underlying condition. White discoloration of stool which occurs just one time can be ignored. However, if it occurs on a frequent basis or is chronic, then patients need to visit a doctor for proper diagnosis and relevant treatment. Causes of white specks in […]

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Mild Austism Signs

Autism, or autism spectrum disorders, is a condition marked by varied and numerous developmental disabilities. Its diagnosis is thus not entirely dependent on the presence of certain causative factors, but is rather based on achievement of varied developmental milestones. The disorder may thus remain undiagnosed in children as well as adults with mild autism signs. […]

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How to get rid of a Lazy Eye?

Lazy eye is a condition marked by lowered vision caused due to anomalous development of vision during early childhood and infancy. It is regarded as the most common cause of lowered vision amongst infants and children. Lazy eye often tends to affect just one eye, but both eyes may also suffer from it. Non-treatment can […]

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How to Figure out your Blood Type

Knowing one’s blood group has become essential for not only medical or biological reasons but also to get a visa or to apply for certain jobs. Unfortunately this is one of the most ignored parts of the human body and people usually assume their blood types by referring to their parent’s but it’s definitely not […]

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Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is a term that is used to describe a group of non-progressive disorders caused because of the damage to some specific areas of the brain. The defect hampers a person’s ability to control his movement as well as posture. It leads to weakness in muscles and can be disabling from a mild to […]

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