Bone Bruise - Healing Time, Symptoms, Treatment

Bone Bruise Healing Time

Bruised bone is the consequence of strong physical trauma or compressive force on the bone. It causes severe pain and often takes a long time to heal. However, bone bruise healing time depends upon the level of injury and whether it is severe or not. The areas commonly affected are the knee, ankle and feet.

Bones have cortex that are interlinked with fibers and calcium occupies the space in between these fibers. When something hard hits the bone it results in the breakage of these fibers causing a bone bruise. Some of the common signs and symptoms of bone bruise are inflammation, pain, change in color of the affected area, and stiffening of the affected area. Bone bruise may generally occur due to injuries, especially sport-related injuries.

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For accurate detection of bruised bone one should go for MRI. It is not easy to identify bone bruise with an X-ray. Bone bruise can be treated with medicine such as acetaminophen, consumption of supplement, and micro-current therapy.

Bone Bruise Healing Time

Bone bruise healing time is determined on the level of damage inflicted on the bone. In most of the cases the discoloration and swelling disappears in a couple of weeks, however the pain pursues for a longer time; it might take six to twelve weeks for the pain to disappear. After twelve weeks one might be able to make movements easily. However, in few cases, it may take a year or so to heal completely. For example, if the injury is severe and affects the knee, then it restricts free movements for many months. Another reason for delayed healing is if required rest is not taken, which may then cause strain and put pressure on the bruised bone. This will increase the bone bruise healing time.

Symptoms of Bruised Bone

Some of the signs and symptoms of a bone bruise are as follows:

  • Excruciating pain: Due to severe pain the affected person is unable to do normal day to day activities. It therefore limits mobility and simple movements like standing, walking, etc., become painful.
  • Swelling: Puffiness occurs due to bleeding and accumulation of blood beneath the skin.
  • Soreness, inflammation and stiffness of the affected area.
  • Discoloration of skin is also seen in the bruised area. In the beginning it may appear red, later it may appear blue, green, or yellow in color.

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Treatment of Bruised Bone

The 1st step for fast bone bruise healing time is to consult a medical expert. He/she may advise for an X-ray, as it will help confirm whether any fracture has occurred or not. However, x-rays cannot detect whether there is any bone bruise. Doctors may suggest an MRI to check for bone bruises, if there is no fracture.

Bone bruise healing time varies depending upon the injury. Some of the treatments for bone bruise are:

  • Applying ice: Ice massage or applying ice on the bruised part may alleviate the pain. If ice cubes are rubbed at least three times a day, for five to ten minutes, it will clear inflammation. However one should wrap the ice cubes before applying on the bruised area; this will prevent from any further harm to skin. Ice cubes should never be applied directly as doing so may cause skin damage.
  • Medicines: NSAIDs like ibuprofen, etc., helps to reduce pain as well as inflammation. Painkillers such as acetaminophen are also helpful in reducing pain.
  • An injured person should not consume aspirin as it reduces formation of clots. This will aggravate the bleeding of the bruised area.
  • Braces: An injured person sometimes may have to put on braces for extra support. This will help prevent the bruised area from any aggravation or additional damage, as braces reduce the pressure on the damaged part. For example, if a bone bruise occurs and knee-joint is affected then the person might be advised to wear rehabilitation or functional knee braces. These braces will help reduce pain, make the knee strong, and also reduce the bone bruise healing time. Braces also control and limit movements which is essential for quick healing. ACE bandage or braces is thus the best way to reduce bone bruise healing time.
  • Adequate rest: Sufficient rest is necessary to quicken the healing process and prevent further complications. Movements put unnecessary pressure on the damaged area and worsen the condition. Therefore, rest is very important for fast recovery and the injured person should avoid moving around as it aggravates the condition by giving undue stress on the injured bone.
  • Micro-current Therapy: In micro-current therapy minute amount of electric current is passed through the bruised bone. This therapy produces electric signals that take place automatically each time the body is repairing the damaged tissue.
  • Healthy Diet: One should consume nutritious food and avoid habits like smoking. Good nutrition will increase the recovery time. If rainbow diet, that is intake of different-colored vegetable and fruit, is followed each day then it will quicken the bone bruise healing time. Include vegetables like cabbage, spinach, carrot and fruits such as cherries, guava, etc. in the diet.

Exercises: Once the injured person’s health becomes better, medical expert may advise some exercise to aid healing and improve different movements

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