Black lines on fingernails

Black lines on fingernails

Black lines on fingernails can be a symptom of a wide range of health problems and factors like fungal infections, aging, bacterial infection of the cardiac valve, nutritional deficiencies, tumor, or melanoma.

Most instancesof black lines on fingernails not arising due to fungal infections are often caused by nutritional deficits. Most kinds of nail issues result from biotin, zinc, iron, and/or calcium deficiencies. In such cases, consult a doctor and take multivitamin supplements, or Eidon ionic liquid silica, or Eidon ionic liquid multiple minerals with silica, or other such silica supplementswith ionic liquid minerals.

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It is important to ensure that all supplements that are taken get absorbed into the body. Verify whether any of these supplements affect the kidneys or clash with medications being taken by you for other conditions. Also, since black lines on fingernails can be a sign of heart valve infections, it is vital to properly diagnose the cause of this condition and then seek relevant treatment.

Causes of black lines on fingernails

Black lines on fingernails can be caused due to a variety of reasons, ranging from imbalances in nutrition to aging, to different types of underling disorders, elevated selenium, toxins, internal bleeding, arthritis, presence of tumors, and excessive blood thinning arising from intake of blood thinning medications, liquid garlic, oils, and/or vitamin supplements.

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  • Vertical vs. horizontal black lines on fingernails: Black lines, changes in color, and other nail defects are quite common and most of these cases are not severe. Thisholds particularly true if the black lines on fingernails are vertical in nature. As opposed to this, horizontal lines are an indication of an underlying health problem, such as cardiac problems or elevated stress levels. Vertical lines may or may not have a definite cause. It may be hereditary in nature and need no treatment;or result from mal-absorption of nutrients or kidney problems; or arise as a standard side effect of rheumatoid arthritis. The lines may originally be white or clear, but later turn dark or black due to accumulation of nail polish or dirt inside the nails.
  • Nutrition: The condition of our nails can help ascertain whether or not patients are getting enough of all the essential nutrients, especially calcium and protein. Iron, protein, or zinc deficiencies can result in white lines on fingernails, while mild turquoise or mild green streaks may indicate tension or hypersensitivity. These can then turn into black lines on fingernails due to buildup of dirt, etc.
  • Fungal infections: It is a common cause of black lines on fingernails. Fungal infections of the nail can however cause the nail to thicken and elicit a more comprehensive deformity.
  • Bleeding: Also referred to as splinter hemorrhages, bleeding beneath the fingernails is a rare cause of black lines on fingernails. Such bleeding may occur due to capillary damage or inflammation of blood vessels. It can affect multiple nails.Traces of such blood may appear reddish, blackish, or brownish.When splinter hemorrhagesoccur along with fever, bruising, elevated bleeding, or other serious symptoms, then immediate medical attention is recommended.
  • Melanonychia: It is a fingernail condition typically characterized by excessive pigmentation, nail discoloration, and/or black lines on fingernails. Children are rarely affected by melanonychia; it is more common in dark-skinned and older/aged individuals.The condition may be caused due to an underlying case of melanoma or other medical conditions; injury or trauma to the nail bed; intake of certain medicines; exposure to UV light or radiation therapy; and at the time of pregnancy.
  • Nail injury or trauma: Black lines on fingernails can also result due to any kind of injury to the nail. The abnormal lines will typically begin from the bottom part of the nail and move upwards. Black lines may also form if foreign matter like pencil leads or wood splinters get lodged inside the fingernail.
  • Melanoma: It is a deadly type of skin cancer. Melanoma that leads to formation of black lines on fingernails is known as ‘subungual melanoma.’Occasionally, this form of melanoma will cause a dark skin pigmentation on the area near the border of the affected nail. Known as ‘Hutchinson’s sign,’ this pigmented spot can help in initial diagnosis of the skin cancer.


From the information listed above it can be concluded that black lines on fingernails can be caused due to many different reasons. Hence, treatment is dependent on the underlying cause.

The best option is to take care of our health thereby making sure that nail defects do not occur. One of the best ways to avoid black lines on fingernails is to go for a balanced and nutritious diet comprising of greens, proteins, grains, and other essentials. It is however very important to remember that black lines on fingernails can also arise due to deadly causes such as melanoma and cardiac valve problems, etc. Therefore, all instances need to be checked by a doctor for correct diagnosis and proper treatment.

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